Thoughts + Photos: Rock & Republic 101 Flat-top Face Brush

I purchased a few Rock & Republic brushes during one of their Hautelook sales. I was able to get the 101 flat-top face brush, the 102 blush brush and the 203 blending brush.

My first impression of these brushes is that they are very soft and well-made. I’ve been playing with them for the past few days and I see very little, almost no shedding of the hairs.

The one I’d like to focus on today is the 101 flat-top face brush.  This design of a face brush is not too common, especially when made of natural hair (I believe Sonia Kashuk, Sigma and Elf all have synthetic hair versions). The only other brand that does a similar brush in natural hair is Dior, so that is what I’m going to compare it with.

This brush is seriously so soft. It picks up powder like a dream and applies it super smoothly and evenly. It is perfect for powder foundation because of its dense but flat top, so you can just lightly press and swirl instead of buffing it on like a kabuki or sponge. Compared to Dior’s flat-top brush, it is much softer and the hairs are finer. I don’t have Dior’s to show you in photos, but I have used it before and I have to say that the hairs can be a little scratchy and rough at times.

As you can see from the photo below, the brush tip is circular so you can easily get an even coverage of your powder or liquid foundation. I wouldn’t recommend using this to set foundation because the brushes are dense and will probably move the foundation around on your face, ruining that flawless coverage you’ve created.

I would recommend picking this up if you see it on sale again. I bought this for $26, which is a bargain considering the next closest thing (natural hair, made by Dior) is around $50. I’ve seen Rock & Republic cosmetics sales on Hautelook and Beauty Story.

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13 thoughts on “Thoughts + Photos: Rock & Republic 101 Flat-top Face Brush

  1. Thanks for the review! Just by looking at the pictures, I can tell that these brushes are really soft. I realize how many crappy brushes I have, and I really want to invest in nicer brushes like yours 🙂

  2. i saw those too online at the website, was tempted to get it but i have so many brushes already and some i don’t even use so i didn’t get them. they look really nice too!

  3. Whenever the Hautelook sales come up everyone gets blushes. I’ve never seen a review on the brushes, thank you! I have been looking at their brushes everytime they go on sale, next time I will give them a try.

  4. This brush looks really nice. I have the small shadow one and I love it. It’s pretty and compact. I know that lancome has a brush similar to that with natural hairs- I touched it yesterday and it was so soft. I’m surprised how scratchy Dior brushes are considering how much their other products rock.

    • Thanks for the info! I just checked the Lancome site and they do have one, but the price makes me cringe… $60?! Even more expensive than the Dior one…

      Yes I agree with you that Dior’s brushes aren’t that great in quality, but their travel set brushes are AMAZING, very soft and application is precise. The only full size Dior brush I love is their flat foundation brush. That one is worth checking out =)

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