New leather jacket <3 (aka the one that made me go on project 10 pan!)

Remember when I told you about my Project 10 Pan and I mentioned a leather jacket? Well I received it a few days ago! ASOS shipping to Canada (from UK) is so fast, so I was able to get in in exactly 1 week.

This leather jacket is gorgeous; its pretty much everything I was looking for in one. The leather is very soft, like its already broken in for me. The hardware is gold, so it gives a nice touch. It is also super warm and comfortable to wear. The only think I have to complain about is its faux fur removable collar: the quality serious sucks! It understand its faux fur, but some faux furs are made beautifully and this one definitely has room to improve. I will likely be removing it when I wear it out.

I got this at ASOS for roughly $100USD with a code from here. If you plan on shopping at ASOS, please make sure to check that site before for discount codes. There is usually one posted up every day; some can be used more than once while others cannot, so you’ll need to try it to see.

Some more photos:

Sorry the lighting isn’t the best. We use compact fluorescent lighting but our walls are yellow, so everything looks more yellow. Here is a photo with flash for better colour accuracy.

And as always, end with a silly photo =P

What do you think? Is this buy-worthy?


15 thoughts on “New leather jacket <3 (aka the one that made me go on project 10 pan!)

  1. The jacket looks great on you! I’ve been wanting to order from ASOS for a while now.. but I’m scared about shipping/custom fees. Since shipping is free right now I’m thinking now is a good time. Do you usually get charged with custom fees?

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’ve never gotten charged customs on ASOS orders yet *knock on wood*, but I never order a lot. I think the max amount of money I’ve ordered is probably $100. I tend to do smaller orders, especially now that they offer free shipping =)

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