Swatches: 12 bottles of Dior Vernis!

I’m taking absolutely forever to do these nail swatches for you, mainly because I do my nails once a week and there are just so many to get through. I’ve decided to just do swatches for you on paper so you can get an idea of what they look like. They won’t look exactly the same on paper and on nails though, so if you are interested in one particular shade and you can’t wait to see what it looks like on the nails, please comment in this post with the shade number.

All of the names and shade numbers are written underneath the swatch. All of these were done in one “coat,” AKA just one dot. I didn’t dot again over it.

108 Ivory is a sheer ivory cream with a hint of pink. 254 Pink Icing is a sheer ballerina pink with pink shimmers and micro-glitter. 483 Pink Kimono is a bright fuchsia cream (it looks a little bit subtler on the nails though, check nail swatches here).

999 Red Royalty is a blue-based red cream; it is a gorgeous red, I highly recommend! 671 Graphic Berry (used to be called Red Dahlia in the old formula) is a deep berry-grape cream. 906 Purple Revolution is a near-black purple cream.

707 Gris Montaigne is a grey cream. 807 NY57th is a metallic slate. 797 Bond Street is a stormy dark blue grey cream (see nail swatches here).

226 Timeless Gold (LE from Holiday 2010) is a cool metallic gold (my favourite gold polish, and the ONLY one I’ve found to work beautifully with Asian skintones). 668 City of Gold is a metallic copper-gold. 886 Aztec Chocolate is a metallic plum-brown (see nail swatches here).

How do these look to you?

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤


6 thoughts on “Swatches: 12 bottles of Dior Vernis!

  1. Great swatches!! 🙂 These are really unique colors, esp the Timeless Gold. I don’t think I’ve seen any like that before :p Did you purchase the entire line??

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