Project 10 Pan…

Yes I’ve decided to start a Project 10 Pan. I’m honestly spent too much money on makeup/skincare/stuff in general that I need to stop and re-evaluate myself. During a conversation I had with my dear friend Cydia, I decided that in exchange for allowing myself to buy this leather jacket, I’m going to attempt to use up more of my makeup/skincare collection.

If you haven’t heard of Project 10 Pan, it is basically where the person would commit to finishing up 10 products of her choice before buying anything else that is unnecessary. Because it is unrealistic to finish some of the makeup items I have (ie. eyebrow powder? slate eyeshadow?), my list is going to be comprised of mostly skincare stuff. I’m going to be committed to buying no more makeup or skincare items (unless I run out and have nothing to use, and it is essential, like toner) until I finish at least 8 of the 10 item.

The 10 items that I have chosen:

1. Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator (100mL – I’ve been using it since last September and have about 30% left)

2. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (150mL – Been using since last October and still have about 20% left)

3. Lancome Tonique Confort (200mL – Been using since mid-December and have about 80% left)

4. Paul & Joe Treatment Serum (40mL – Been using since January and have about 80% left)

5. Bath & Body Works Body Cream (240mL – Been using since January and have about 40% left)

6. Haus of Gloi Litchi Milk Tea Pumpkin Butter (Got it a few days ago, used once, still has 95% left)

7. Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (I’ve used it since last July and still have about 50% left)

8. EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit (I’ve used it since last October and still have about 60% left)

9. Love & Toast Handcreme in Gin Blossom (30mL – Used it since last November and still have about 50% left)

10. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (30mL – Had it since March 2010 and still have about 70% left… yes I alternate between my foundations, LOL)

Just FYI, I did buy some facial cleanser and whitening serum today. Only because I ran out and I can’t really live without either of those things XD No more though, I promise! XD


20 thoughts on “Project 10 Pan…

  1. thats good. i do the same thing, i won’t buy anything new until i finish using what i already have unless i really really need it.

  2. Haha Good luck! 😀 I “tried” to go on a 10 pan project *twice* but failed each time XD It was too hard for me ebcause it could take more than 3 months LOL! Now what I do is that I try to finish at least 2 products per month, so I can post a “finished products of the month” hehe. It’s way easier for me and seeing what I was able to finsh motivates me more! Keep us updated 😀

    • Its not a specific brand/type of cleanser, its just any cleanser =) I ran out of face wash so I needed to buy one XD

      The serum I got was Laneige, and its just to try out, but I do almost always use a whitening serum in my skincare regime though =)

  3. I’ll be joining you for project 10 pan! I love that you have Gokujyun toner in your list. I go through a bottle of these every 2 weeks, and it is one of the three items I am letting myself buy (the other two – contact lens liquid and sunscreen)!

    • Oh wow! How do you finish it in 2 weeks?! The one I’m using right now is still the one you gave me. I feel if I apply too much its really sticky, so I only apply very little…

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  5. How did you do on this Sheila? I have never done a ‘Project Pan’ but have done several ‘no buys’ of either makeup entirely (excluding skin/nail/body care items & products) … it’s amazing what other little goodies one can purchase when one realizes just how much one does spend on cosmetics! lol … I am due for a no buy soon .. or perhaps … give myself a break and do a ‘Project Pan’ myself .. I like the suggestion of 2 per month – that seems realistic & manageable! ox Care

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