Swatch: Dior Vernis in 797 Bond Street

Last winter, Dior came out with a trio of limited edition nail polishes to represent three of their flagship stores in Paris, London and New York. Bond Street is named after their London flagship store located on Bond Street.

The shade is a creamy stormy, murky dark blue grey. It is a cream formula and applies streak-free for an opaque finish in two medium coats (or 3 thin coats).

Honestly, I’m not too impressed by this shade. Its nice to have, but definitely not must have (unless you’re a collector, like… ahem, me). I look forward to NY 57th (the shade for NYC) a little bit more because I prefer metallic/shimmery nail polishes to creams in general. Also this cream shade was a little thicker than what I’m used to by Dior. I would probably use a polish thinner to thin it out.

Another shot:

Dior Gris City collection, from left to right: Montaigne (Paris), Bond Street (London), NY 57th (NYC)

I was able to get my hands on these thanks to Lulu! I don’t think they’re available in Canada, but Lulu purchased them off the Dior US website.


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