Review: Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red in 660 Intense Light Red

(The one I’m reviewing is on the left)

I’ve been looking for a red hair dye for dark hair since FOREVER. I love red hair. I’ve always dyed my hair red/auburn ever since I started using hair dye. When I saw this red hair dye made specifically for dark haired beauties at Shoppers, I knew I had to have it (and lots of it, as you can see above).

My hair is very very thick, both as a whole and the individual strand of hair. It does not colour well at all; I’ve tried around 7-8 different brands of hair dye, including both Japanese and Western brands, and almost all of them don’t really colour my hair. The only one that has worked in the past was the Herbal Essences hair dye, but I discovered it as they were discontinuing the line, which means I couldn’t stock up. Most red hair dyes only manage to colour my roots, where my hair is the finest, leaving the rest of my hair still really dark, nearly black still.

What it is: Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red is a dye that is formulated for naturally dark-haired people. It does not work on hair that has been dyed dark (ie. like if you were blond before and you dyed it back), but if you have naturally black or brown hair, this is for you.

Price: $11.99 at Shoppers, $9.95 at Loblaws

The good: This red hair dye for dark hair really does work. Its obviously not as intense or light as the red on the box, but for someone who has normally super intense black hair that doesn’t colour well, it works. You can’t really tell in the photos, but everyone who I saw after I got it dyed has noticed that my hair is now red. They also really like this colour as its not too bright, but still has some kick.

The bad: This dye smells extremely strongly of ammonia, which somewhat bothered me when I was dying it. Also it left my hair kind of dull, no longer shiny, which is kind of sad.

Overall: I really like this dye. Although it did leave my hair kind of dull, I like it because it is effective. You can see in some of the photos below that the red is quite vibrant in sunlight, and gets toned down a bit in the shade. I will continue to use this line (of course I have to, because I bought so many of them already, LOL!).

See more before and after photos!




Here’s another one just for the sake of it XD

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40 thoughts on “Review: Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red in 660 Intense Light Red

  1. a while back, i dyed my hair black. that was like 3 years ago. i wanted to dye my hair a little lighter like golden brown so i let my sister do it for me. the hair dye was on sale so thats why i got it, forgot the brand but it turn out horrible looking, my roots change into an almost orange color and everything else was the same. i just let my hair grow out. i’m thinking of dying it again, its been almost a year now. hahaha.

  2. Thank you so much for posting review and photo for this hair dye. I just bought the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme Permanent Haircolor, R3 Light Intense Auburn. I have Asian dark hair too and I always have to leave hair dye in my hair for over an hour to get some color in it. So I am excited to see you have success with Garnier. I am going to try the R3 Light Intense Auburn later today and post review and photos too. But, just wanted to thank you for posting yours since I really want to make sure this works before I dye my hair all red. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for reviewing this! I too have been looking into getting this hair dye, because my hair is also naturally black and thick, and I have wanted to dye it red since forever! Best part is, I never wanted a fire engine red colour for my hair, but something more subtle, so this is perfect! 😀
    And I love your hair, you’re really pretty!

    I just have one question, did you find this hair dye to make your roots lighter than the rest of your hair? I find that is a common problem with hair dyes.

    • Thank you Lingo!

      Yes I did find that my roots were slightly lighter than the rest of my hair, but I’ve found that to be the case with all hair dyes, so I wasn’t surprised when it happened with this one too. I think it is because the hairs near the roots is thinner than the rest of the head, and it is also because of the heat from the scalp.

      • Thanks for the reply! I guess it can’t be helped, but if it’s only slightly lighter then I guess it isn’t a big deal.
        I can’t wait to try this hair dye!

  4. Happy easter and thanks for the reveiw. I couldnt remember the name of the manufacturer who came out with the new red dye for darker haired people and thanks to you and google…my family will be pleased with the new color. Cant wait to see the results.

  5. iv got black hair and im gonna dye it blonde just to take the pigment out aand it come a lovely red but yours its just amazing!

  6. You took the words right of my mouth haha thank you for this review, I actually have the product sitting her next to me, I think I’m going to dye it as light as it can get first, though, without bleaching because I still plan on donating it, but thanks once again, you look really good with the colour hun c: xo, Victoria

  7. Hi, I have asian hair too and I just colored my hair R3 Light Intense Auburn last night. It said to rinse until water was clear but it was taking a long time and I didn’t want to waste water (It looked like blood). Now my towel is red >__<. My hair turned out like yours but I was expecting it to be a bit brighter. How long did you leave the dye in for? I left it in for 25 min like the directions said. I'm thinking of coloring my hair even lighter red with the same box. Do you think it will work?

  8. Red Hair Suites You Well, But As Mentioned It Dosn’t Look As Bright As I Thought I Would. If Your Hair Is A Little Dry You Could Try Mixing 2 Spoons Of Natural Yogurt With 1 Spoon Of Olive Oil And Apply That To The Hair and Let It Settle For 30 Mins Then Rinse With Lukewarm Water Then Rinse Briefly For A Couple Of Seconds With Cold Water. It Should Make It Softer,Smoother, And Shinier. Tip From
    Hope It Helps! =D

  9. Thank you for this post. I have been looking for red dye that would work on my dark hair. I nearly bought this the other day but didn’t want to waste my money again. I am going to get it now, can’t wait. Your hair looks great red really suits you 🙂

  10. Hey,

    I bought this stuff because I have naturally dark brown hair. A few weeks ago I dyed it with Garnier Herbashine brownish black to darken it a bit and give it some life. I tried using the 564 tonight with some streaks and it didn’t work at all. Will not work period if my hair is dyed do you know? Or should I try to leave it on longer? I’m gonna call garnier in the morning but figured I’d ask.


  11. Im trying to figure out how long i should leave the hair dye on for my hair is the exact color as yours but im scared if i dont leave it long enough my hair wont take the color and if i leave it too long my hair will be orange lol????

  12. Thank you so much for posting the pictures up. I’ve just finished washing out my hair and started having bad thoughts about it. This is my first time dying my hair red and I have really dark hair. You’re hair looks great though and I’m hoping mine turns out just as good.

  13. i have naturally dark brown hair, but 2 months ago i dyed it blue black about two times, and now i wanna dye it this color, will it still work?

    • Actually, no it won’t. Lighter dyes won’t lift artificial dark colour out. If you read the box, it says it’s not for dyed dark hair. If you use it you’ll just get red roots and the rest of your hair will still be black. You’ll need a colour stripper first to take out the black from your hair before using any kind of dye.

  14. I used this colour and my hair is naturally brown, dark but not as dark as i want it to be. I’ve died my hair black ever since I was little and the colour was fading but still obviously black. When I used this red my hair was almost Ariel Red. My little brother actually called me Ariel while I had it. It worked amazing except for the dull part, but certain conditioners helped with that.

    I would recomend this hair dye to anyone, and I am actually surprised it didn’t work any more stronger on you because my hair was darker. I am now trying to find something similar to this but purple instead of red. I really don’t want to bleach my hair but I probably will have to.

  15. hello sheila!!you look so nice with your bangs!!the color suits you well!!could you please let know whether the color bleed after? i mean with sweat and washings..thanks=)

      • Thank you sheila!!=) I wanted to ask you whether you have used the dark intense 5.62?what the difference?im asian and have pretty dark hair! but i have been dying it with loreal casting for some time and now my hair is fading to a brownish dark colour. I really appreciate you reply=)

        • This is the only one I’ve used up to now. I’ve been trying to grow my healthy hair out for a bit before I dye it again. I might do it again before summer but no guarantees. If I do use it, I will definitely post up another review. Thanks for your support! ❤

  16. if i want a more lighter/intense red, should i dye my hair (not bleach) with a blonde hair dye first? …my current colour is black, thanks

    • Hi Bobo, I wouldn’t recommend that you dye your hair twice in a row. Unless you get it done professionally in a salon, it is really difficult, almost impossible, to get a lighter, more intense red from a hair dye box. Also if you dye your hair blonde and then red, you will likely end up with really damaged hair, which is very hard to fix. If you want a more intense red, I would recommend going to the salon and getting it done by a professional.

      Thanks for visiting!

  17. Omg thank you so much for posting:D I bought this product cuz I thought it obv won’t be as light and vibrant as the box but ppl told me it would be the same as the box and I freaked out!! I have natural black hair and this is exactly how I wanted it!!thank you so much!!I’m gonna dye it tmrw:) thanks again:)

  18. Hi there, I have the same problem (black hair and unsuccessful dyes) and I’ve used that one as well and really liked it. But a few months ago I’ve discover a new shade, in the same line of dyes, it’s the same brand, Garnier and it made a huuuuge difference on my hair! It was way more red and brighter! I think you should try it as well.

    It’s the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Intense Copper.

    Just give it a go!

  19. This didn’t work as well as I wanted my hair is dyed to a brown/black and it dyed my roots and my fringe…I used 1 packet yesterday and 2packets today and it didn’t work oh we’ll another $30 down the drain please don’t use this it’s really bad and stinks really bad this is the like 9th brand I’ve used and I want it to go as bright or brighter than on the box. Any suggestions??

  20. I love 660 (Dark Intense Auburn). The R1 – R3 just keeps rinsing out of your hair, so don’t bother spending your money on those. Even after four days when it was raining outside and I was bringing in groceries there was red dye running down my face. I even gave it three different tries from three different stores. 660 is getting harder and harder to find.

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