Chanel Spring 2011 Swatches: Les 4 Ombres in 20 Regard Perlé

Up next is the other eyeshadow palette in the Chanel Spring collection, called Regard Perlé. I feel kind of bad for this palette because its clearly being overshadowed by the Ombre Perlées de Chanel palette,which I’ve reviewed and swatched for you here. I have the international formula of this eyeshadow palette, which is the one in the round, baked pots and not the US formula which is pressed and square.

Regard Perlé contains (from top left, clockwise) a deep jewel forest green with green shimmers, a ballerina pink with some sheen,a near matte white, and a peach with some sheen.

All four shades swatch beautifully and with the exception of the white shade (which is a little bit chalky, but pretty much all white shades get chalky), very smoothly. There is very little fallout, which is somewhat rare with the international formula. Pigmentation is also great in all four shades.

I would say this palette would be a great everyday palette with a kick. The pink and peach colours would make create a very sweet and simple day look, and you can line with the forest green for a more natural liner shade. For a night out, just smoke out the green and you have a nice, not overly dramatic, smokey eye.

I personally LOVE this palette. This along with Ombre Perlées are my first two Chanel eye palettes and so far I have been very impressed. I would recommend this palette if you like something sweet and simple but with a little bit of a kick. If you like dramatic eye makeup then go for the Ombre Perlées. Of course, if you can afford it, why not get both? They’re equally beautiful and I can see myself wearing these palettes a lot.


5 thoughts on “Chanel Spring 2011 Swatches: Les 4 Ombres in 20 Regard Perlé

  1. the color came out perfectly, smooth and not caulky like others i’ve tried, it crumble before i really got a chance to use it. i wonder how much it would cost where i live? hmmm gotta check it out.

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