Chanel Spring 2011 Swatches: Ombre Perlées de Chanel

I just received my Chanel Spring 2011 purchases from Holt Renfrew in the mail yesterday afternoon, so I will be swatching them for you over the next few days. The first one I’m showing you is clearly the star product of the entire collection and that is the Ombre Perlées de Chanel, an eyeshadow palette comprised of five pearly shades.

The shades are (from left to right, all iridescent): cream, ballerina pink with a hint of peach, palatinate purple (plum-ish), olive green and forest green.

I’ve included some more photos of the palette in different lights and angles.

This palette is absolutely gorgeous. Because of its iridescence, it looks different from every angle and under different lights. When I first opened it, I was literally speechless at its beauty. The texture is also very good; it is a very soft and light powder. I can see why people would have trouble applying this with fluffy natural fibre brushes because it is so light. I would recommend a denser or synthetic fibre brush. Pigmentation is also pretty good; the three darker shades have beautiful pigmentation with just one swipe, but the lighter shades are a little lacking (however it is understandable as those are just complementary highlighter shades). Here are some swatches:
If you haven’t bought this yet, please do me a favour and go out and buy one. The quality of this palette is just fantastic. The price might be a little high at $66, but honestly if you are only going to get one Chanel palette, please make it this one!

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