Swatches + thoughts: Guerlain Spring 2011 Sur Mes Levres

I stopped by the local Shoppers Drug Mart to swatch the Guerlain Spring collection called Sur Mes Levres. The photos were taken with my Blackberry, so they aren’t the best, but I hope this will still be useful to those of you who need to order this online.

The first item on the list – and the one I was most excited about – was the Ecrin 6 palette in Rue de Rivoli. This is new and limited edition for spring. I had gone to SDM with this on my to-buy list, but I left without it. The reason was this reminded me too much of the Dior Minaudiere in shade 002 Pink Golds from the Holiday 2010 collection, which I received as a present from Miss Macnunu. The darkest liner shade in this palette also reminded me of the Dior Misty Mauve palette from last fall.

The next item is a new product, called Blush G Serie Noire. For some reason there is no product name, so I assume the Serie Noire is probably the product name. This is an absolutely gorgeous blush. It is a coral shade that is pigmented and depicts multidimensional glow. You can’t really see the glow in the photo, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a little bit expensive though, at $76 Canadian a pop. This is by far the most expensive blush I’ve purchased, but I don’t regret it; it is gorgeous. You can find individual shade swatches of this blush here on Cafe Makeup.

Next up are four new Rouge Gs released in black lacquer casing. From left to right, the shades are 24 Rouge Sensuel , 45 Orange Euriphique, 70 Fuchsia Delice and 71 Rose Desir. These remind me more of the Rouge G Le Brillant formula than of the original Rouge Gs. These were less creamy and not as pigmented as the original Rouge Gs, also they felt more like gels than creams. I wasn’t too impressed by these lipsticks.

I don’t think these were a part of the Spring collection, but I swatched them anyways. These are the Kiss Kiss glosses in shades 850, 849 and 867. The shade 849 was my favourite. It is like a much more intensely pigmented version of Nars Orgasm. It is gorgeous because it is very shimmery and would look great in the Spring.

I ended up with the Blush G Serie Noire as my only purchase. I will show more detailed photos of the packaging next time!


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