Swatch: Dior Vernis in 483 Pink Kimono

One of the newly released shades under the new “Haute Couleur” Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer by Dior, Pink Kimono is a bright, bubble gum pink with a hint of coral and very subtle, barely visible shimmer. This is a cream formula and as with all Dior polishes, applies super smoothly and dries quickly. You can get opacity with just one medium-thick coat, or two thin coats. I find Dior Vernis almost never bubbles, so if you are short on time, feel free to apply one thick coat and have it dry in under 5 minutes.

One down side to Dior’s cream shades is that they tend to show tip wear a little sooner than their metallic/shimmer shades. I would be able to get about 5-7 days of wear, compared to a metallic/shimmer shade which I can wear for nearly 2 weeks.


9 thoughts on “Swatch: Dior Vernis in 483 Pink Kimono

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