Dior Vernis haul… which do you want to see first?

So I made a huge Dior Vernis haul. You may have seen it if you have me on Twitter or Facebook, but in case you haven’t, here it is again:

If you have been reading Maddy Loves long enough, then you will know that Dior Vernis is my absolute favourite nail polish formula. They are chip-resistant, applies smoothly and dries extremely quickly (3 coats in 20 minutes completely dry!). Also Dior recently revamped their entire Vernis line to use a new brush, which you might have already read about in other blogs. I’m a HUGE fan of this new brush, as I feel it really distributes the product evenly and smoothly.

Also a kind soul in the US (aka Lulu) was able to help me get the Dior Gris City limited Edition polishes, so I will also review those for you once I get them.

So the question is… which ones do you want to see first? I’m going to do swatches slowly as I go through them, so please let me know which shades you were prefer to see before others.

The bottle on the very right is the Diorlisse Ridge Filler, which is like a base. I will be reviewing that one separately as its a whole different product. The bottle on the very left is Cherry Flower, which I’ve already reviewed here.


3 thoughts on “Dior Vernis haul… which do you want to see first?

  1. I have never tried any Dior nail polishes before. I love that you are saying it’s chip resistant and dries quickly. I may have to check it out. All of the colors are so beautiful so I can’t decide which I’d like to see a swatch of first.

  2. i’ve never tried their brand of nail polish, the colors look pretty. i love anything red and anything dark. the cherry flower looks nice but i like to go darker than that.

  3. so much Dior nail polishes. I already know that you have an obsession with nail polishes. It’s funny because I only have 2 colors. I have gold and black. If I want any other, I steal it from my sister or sister in law.

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