2010 – Year in Review <3

2010 was the year I really got into blogging. I started Mademoiselle Loves Beauty in November of 2008, but I never really got into it until September 2009, so 2010 was the year when I blogged the entire time. 2010 was also the year I started to get to know more of the girls in the blogosphere, many of whom I’ve become pretty good friends with over the past few months. Here’s just a little review of what happened in my life and on my blog this year.


I left Canada by myself on Jan 1, 2010 for a 7-month, round the world trip starting in London, UK. I went to school in a Hogwarts-like Castle.

I also got a new layout in January, made for me by the super talented Erynn.

At the same time, it snowed like crazy in the UK and we were stranded at the castle for a few days before the roads opened up.

By the time the snow cleared up, we went to visit Oxford!

To look back at January in full, click here.


I started out the month with a tour of London

And a massive Dior haul.

I also found some of my favourite products in this month, which include the Cellnique Advanced Bio-Renewal Masque

And the Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph brow pencil.

I also did my first ever swap, with Erynn. No photos, but a video can be watched here.

To go back to all of February’s posts, click here.


A lot of things happened this month, and it all started with a blogger meetup with the awesome London bloggers and Jennifer.

I finally posted up my Paris photos after visiting in February…

And I also visited Barcelona over one weekend.

I found my perfect nude lip colour and my HG Foundation

Lastly, I hit 30,000 visitors.

Recap March here.


I finished my third year of University and we had a banquet to celebrate.

I found one of my newest favourite scents, and my first Chanel perfume.

I did another short tour of London with one of my housemates from back home…

Went to visit Prague

And visited Jess in Vienna.

I flew back to China this month.

To go back to April, click here.


I went to Hainan (no photos, sorry) and also Xiamen with my cousin (who is coincidentally also here in Vancouver right now, visiting during her winter study break from UK).

I lost my camera charger, so started posting randoms, like this eye makeup tutorial XD

I also hit 150 followers, thank you so much ^__^

Recap of May here.


June was the month I left Blogger for WordPress. I became the 4th fastest growing WP blog during my first week.

I did a little photo tour of my hometown for you.

And I flew to Beijing, where I would spend the rest of my summer.

For recap of June, click here.


I visited Hong Kong!

Of course I hauled a bunch of stuff.

The highpoint of the month – I went to watch my first ever Jay Chou concert. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will know that I went again last week when he came to Vancouver ❤

I visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

And uh… yeah I hauled some more XD

Recap July here.


I finally came home after 214 days of travelling.

I came home to a bunch of love packages and purchases.

And I had a really great shopping experience with Shifeon.

I met up with some local bloggers for the first time, which set the stage for some really great friendships.

I got my grubbly little hands on the UD Naked Palette thanks to my favourite Nunu.

I shared my Beijing Airport Duty Free haul.

I also shared my no-makeup makeup look.

I found my new favourite ramen joint in Vancouver thanks to the Nunu ❤

To go back to August, click here.


I did a makeover at NARS at the beginning of this month.

I also won Sizbelle’s giveaway.

September was also the month I posted up my widely popular Japanese cosmetics shopping guide!

I caved and bought the uber luxurious Guerlain Ecrin 6 palette.

I did a swap with Kay and she bombed me with goodies ❤

September was also when MAC VV came out and we all went crazy over it.

To recap September, click here.


I got my Blackberry!

I also established NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator as my new HG moisturizer.

Lastly we received a sneak peek of the Sephora x Hello Kitty collection!

Recap October here.


I posted up my traveler’s guide to makeup.

I also received the most amazing love package from miss Asiyakei.

I placed my first order off A Pop of Kawaii.

I also started on the Clarisonic challenge.

To read posts from November, click here.


I posted up the first and second week photos of my Clarisonic challenge.

I did some more hauls and swaps, and was fortunate enough to receive more love from others ❤

I modeled my H&M x Lanvin clothes.

I participated in the blogger Secret Santa I organized.

And I finished up the year with a list of my favourite products of 2010.

To go back to December, click here.

Lastly, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I’ve really enjoyed blogging this year, not because I was able to share my thoughts on products and looks, but because I’ve been able to meet some really wonderful people. You know who you are and I really want to say, thank you, and I look forward of another year with you!



16 thoughts on “2010 – Year in Review <3

  1. What a year, huh? 🙂 You have been all over! I am so envious that you went to a Hogworts-like school!! 😀 It is my dream to visit England and Asia and many places outside of California! :p You must have so much good memories and a taste of what the culture is like 🙂

    Happy New Year, Sheila! 🙂

  2. See this is why I need to travel. I love seeing architectures in different countries. I love castles or unique building only found in one country such as China. So much makeup, and I love your no makeup look. So cute 🙂

    You had an amazing 2010! I know you are having an awesome 2011 🙂

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