Jill Stuart Secret Tease: Photos & Swatches (pic heavy!)

After much debate, I caved and got the Jill Stuart Secret Tease holiday coffret. I kept telling myself I don’t need this because in reality, I don’t. However like all makeup hoarders, I bought it because it is pretty.

The Jill Stuart Secret Tease coffret is housed in a pretty satin pouch with a zippered side and a side with a drawstring closure. This seems a little useless to me as satin is too flimsy to use as a makeup bag, however as I travel a lot, I will probably use this to store undergarments or personal items.

This year’s coffret comes with a full size Jelly Eye Colour, a deluxe mini Jelly Lip Gloss, feather false lashes, JS Night Jewel perfumed body puff, and the jewel item, a Blush Blossom.

See more swatches and photos!

The Jelly Eye Colour included in this coffret is 104 Satin Lingerie (left). It is a pale iridescent sheer pink. It is extremely similar to the one included in last year’s coffret, 103 Snow Parfait (right), especially when swatched, which I’ve photographed for your reference. Snow Parfait has a little bit of a lavender, but you can barely tell when swatched side by side. I do really like the lace details on the side of the jar of Satin Lingerie. You can see my original review of the Jelly Eye Colours here as well as additional swatches of other shades here.

Satin Lingerie is on the bottom while Snow Parfait is on the top.

Sheered out.

The Jelly Lip Colour is in shade 102 Silky Pink (left). This is a baby pink with shimmer. It has slightly more colour than the one last year, 101 Sugar Kiss, which was basically an iridescent clear gloss. It is also interesting to note that this year’s gloss has 1g more product than last year’s. I prefer the Lip Lustres over these Jelly Lip Colours as the Jelly Lips are very sticky and thick. They are shimmery and bright, but not the most comfortable things to wear.

Silky Pink on the left and Sugar Kiss on the right.

Silky Pink on the lips

The lashes are a great addition to this year’s coffret. They are flirty and delicate looking. I don’t know if I will actually be using mine, maybe for my birthday next year. Because there is some feather detailing, I’m not sure if they are durable enough to use multiple times.

The Night Jewel perfumed body puff is really cute, but I don’t know if I will be wearing it that much just because of the nature of the product.

Lastly, the jewel of this coffret is the Blush Blossom in shade 101 Sensual Dahlia. It is a light salmon pink (the glow/highlight shade) and a coral red (the blush shade). I didn’t try this out as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open it just yet (as I hate loose products, especially ones with lots of colour).

I love the pink bristles of the brush that comes with it (sorry I didn’t take an up-close photo), I probably won’t be using this as it is very dense and will probably pick up a lot of colour, which is unnecessary for a blush this pigmented. It is also interesting to note that this brush, compared to the ones included with the Mix Blush Compacts, is not made of natural hair. It feels very silky and like taklon, which is synethic hairs used on brushes. Since I don’t have any other of these palettes, I would not be able to say if this is exclusive to this palette or if the entire line of Blush Blossoms had this. I would recommend using a duo-fibre brush (eg. MAC 187, 188, 131) to get the most natural look.

You can see swatches of the Blush Blossom as well as a close-up photo of the brush at Makeup and Life where Lisa has written a wonderful review of the set.

Thank you again to Jen to helped me pick this up from Hong Kong!


6 thoughts on “Jill Stuart Secret Tease: Photos & Swatches (pic heavy!)

  1. It really is a lovely coffret. I decided not to get it because I think that the colors are sheerer than I prefer but it’s still quite lovely. Maybe I’ll decide on getting next year’s one…

  2. OH MY!!! I love Jill Stuart’s products. There products are amazing and cute. But they are so just darn tooting expensive!! But the pouch is so cute. It’s like a corset

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