Maddy Loves Holiday Giveaway – Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered in my holiday giveaway! There were 30 entrants and many very good responses and feedback that I will use to improve Maddy Loves. It was very hard to choose a winner out of all of the great responses I received as they were all very useful to me.

And to announce the winner… she said this when responding to the question of her overall favourite blog post:

My favorite is the Anna Sui vs. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil post since that post made me try the Shu A/O oil, and it has been my HG ever since!

And she said this when responding to the question of one thing where Maddy Loves can improve on:

I think you should do more FOTDs with tutorials since we have the same eye shape and color, and it’s hard to find people who does tutorials with the same Asian hooded eye shape on youtube and other blogs 🙂

Congratulations to Sabrina!

I will be mailing out your prize soon!

Thank you for everyone’s feedback, here were some others I found to be extra good on the question of their favourite blog post:

The one where you listed all the different places you can buy cheap makeup online. I just love the fact you keep on piling site after sie cuz I’ll see a twitter update saying you’ve updated the same post like twice in a day lolol

I love your Quick Tutorial: Contouring & Highlighting post because it was easy to understand the photo is a big help! I enjoy your high end makeup posts as well 😀 Love reading about products that I can’t afford *cough cough* 😦

The travel makeup post.  I love learning what other people bring when they travel!  I always wonder how I can optimize my travel bag!!
Since I’ve started using makeup and skincare I’ve been very interested in the natural look and your “no make up look” looks very well natural but made up at the same time.

And for where Maddy Loves can improve:

More random about yourself/life posts! 😀

More posts with pictures is always totally love worthy!

mhmm maybe more tutorials?? (and i mean the ones with arrows, circles, squares, you know the whole dealio) I know those take TONS of effort since you’re usually like sans makeup in K-town hahah

I will take all of this feedback to heart and try to improve as much as possible, while also doing my best to continue doing what you guys want most.

Thank you again!

PS. Now that my holiday giveaway is over… the next giveaway winner for commenting lots on my blog will be announced late January/early February! Thanks for participating =)

Lastly, Erynn at E.motion in Motion is holding a giveaway for an Perricone MD Advanced Eye Therapy eye cream! I usually don’t post contests up in a blog post, but I’m making an exception this time because I need an eye cream =( Enter here!


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