Swatches: Coffret D’or NEW Spring 2011 (link)

Coffret D’or recently revamped their entire line of cosmetics aimed at women ages 30+, including new packaging, new formulas, new everything. This is somewhat of a good thing because I was quite disappointed with most of the Coffret D’or stuff that I’ve tried in the past with the exception of one thing. The new line includes eyeshadow quads, eyeshadow duos, mascara, lipsticks and an uber cute blush palette. Yuki’s Lazy Channel has all of the swatches here.

My thoughts:

The lipsticks look promising, but I am still disappointed in the eyeshadow, especially the quads. The quality is somewhat inconsistent as some of them look very smooth and pigmented while others look sheer with lots of glitter (eg. #03 Clear Silver). Of course the variations are what you’d expect from a Japanese cosmetics company. The blushers look cute, but personally I’m not a fan of multi-coloured blush palettes, so I will probably skip. The likely thing is I will probably skip the entire collection.


4 thoughts on “Swatches: Coffret D’or NEW Spring 2011 (link)

  1. Thank you for the link to the swatches. The lipsticks do look pretty. I’ll agree with you on the eyeshadows–some do look too glittery. I love the design on the blushes but I do have a difficult time trying to use a multi-colored blush.

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