Clarisonic Challenge: Weeks 1 and 2 (pic heavy!)

Check my “before” photos and the intro here.

My usage:

  • Twice a day for the first 3 days; 1 minute in the morning and 1.5 minutes at night (1 minute for face and .5 minutes for neck)
  • Once a week after day 4; 1.5-2 minutes at night

Thoughts during the first week:

  • Skin was much smoother at first touch
  • Less congested
  • Saw an immediate change in the texture and feel of my skin

Thought during the 2nd week:

  • Skin started to break out a little big in small white heads
  • Change started to plateau and slow down
  • Slowly starting to de-congest my bumpy forehead
  • Started to get random dry, flakey spots on my cheek near my mouth that lasted about 3 weeks

Thoughts after the 2nd week (going into week 3):

  • Pores are still rather large around my cheek and nose area
  • The outside areas of my cheeks are a lot smoother
  • Products are absorbing better.

Read on for photos!

Taken on November 24, 2010

Taken on November 27, 2010

Taken on December 4, 2010

Full face shot after exactly 2 weeks (taken on December 4, 2010)
Can you see a difference?

6 thoughts on “Clarisonic Challenge: Weeks 1 and 2 (pic heavy!)

  1. Glad to see you in the clarisonic challenge. I love clarisonic, bought it around 2 mths before wedding. your photos show that the pore around the nose has reduced. I think the forehead problem is more to do in drier environment and perhaps a gel moisturiser shd help?

  2. We are happy to see you are experiencing positive results with your Clarsonic! We love to see and read our users’ results and challenges such as these. Keep up the good cleansing! Cheers!

  3. I think your skin definitely looks brighter! So many other factors other than the products we use contribute to little bumps and blemishes, so I cant judge in that area. Brighter skin is definitely noticeable.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this product in depth. I can’t wait to test mine out that I got as a Christmas gift. My main certain is not on my face rather on my upper arm because I have bad chicken bumps. Since you gave me an idea I’ll do a Clarisonic Challenge on my upper arm and leg where I have chicken bumps. Hopefully this gadget helps me clear some or my bumps away so I can wear tank top or dress during the summer time.

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