Sneak Peek: Guerlain and Dior Spring 2011 with Swatches! [link]

Who is excited for Guerlain and Dior Spring?! Guerlain and Dior are my two favourite cosmetics brands and every season I anticipate their upcoming collections. I’ve stumbled on some swatches from one of my favourite online beauty editorials called UrCosme, from Taiwan. Dior Spring collection hasn’t even been released yet, which is why this is even more exciting!

From the photos you can see there’s going to be a new quad released by Dior, available in two variations, plus two new variations of the 5-colour eyeshadow (#034 designer edition and #018 5-colour eyeshadow). There is no information about whether the quads are limited edition or not, but I would assume so. The theme next Spring seems to be slate/grey shades, which is kind of strange for Spring. Also a new nail polish in a grey-ish tone, #707, and new gloss in shade #707, which is also silver/grey.

For more photos and swatches, visit UrCosme’s Facebook Page and direct link to the photos here.

Update!! You can see Dior’s Spring 2011 info here! The Cannage palettes are going to be LE and are the star products for Spring. The new 5-colour eyeshadow in #034 reminds me of the Misty Mauve palette from this past fall, but instead of mauve/purple tones, its grey XD

Update #2!! You can see better photos of the Guerlain stuff here on Yuki’s Lazy Channel, including clearer swatches. Ooooh I’m wanting that Ecrin 6 palette! Who can resist a hot pink jewel shade?

Source: UrCosme


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Guerlain and Dior Spring 2011 with Swatches! [link]

  1. Oh my goodness… super excited! The Dior collection is totally up my alley! I love greys! Must get the palettes and the nail polish for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

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