Swatches & thoughts: Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes and Blossom Eyes Palettes

I purchased the LE Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes collaboration palette with Mercury Duo in A-7 and the Blossom Eyes palette in GR-4 from A Pop of Kawaii a few weeks ago. A-7 is a grey-black variation palette and GR-4 is an olive-green variation palette.

The pigmentation on the A-7 is relatively good. It reminds me a lot of my Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BK-1, which is also a grey-black variation palette, but I found that the Kate palette had much better pigmentation and adherence than the Visee. The Visee palette also contained slightly larger glitter particles than the Kate, but both would create very nice smokey eyes. The Visee A-7 contains a shimmery silver, shimmery grey, a shimmery white cream base and a black with blue shimmers.

See more photos and swatches:

The Visee Blossom Eyes in GR-4 contains an olive cream colour, a shimmery white, a shimmery light green, a shimmery green and a slightly less shimmery dark olive-brown. Pigmentation on this one was a little more average, especially the cream shade which looks so rich in colour in the pan but turned out to be less than mediocre. I’m sure this will still create a nice subtle green look though, which is not bad.


3 thoughts on “Swatches & thoughts: Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes and Blossom Eyes Palettes

  1. Lovely palettes! I think Visee has the cutest packaging out of all drugstore brands!

    Both are really nice palettes for everyday I think. The blue one seems to be soft enough, so me like! 😉

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