I GOT IT! My H&M x Lanvin haul <3

Okay maybe I didn’t get it yet, I just placed the order and its on its way to my cousin’s place in the UK soon. She’s coming to visit us in Vancouver for the holidays and she volunteered to grab some stuff for me, but she didn’t want to wake up at 7:00AM so instead I’m doing it.

The collection is released on the UK shopping site at 7:00AM Greenwich time, which is 2:00AM here in Kingston. I was freaking out at 1:30 because the site wouldn’t let me on, but I cleared my cache and I managed to get through 10 minutes before 7:00. I put everything that wasn’t Lanvin in my cart and was prepared to add and dash right when the collection is out at 7:00. Luckily, I was able to get everything I wanted (and afforded to buy; there was so much more I wanted…) and checked out before the site checkout system crashed.

Here is what I managed to grab:

Non-Lanvin stuff. The blue shirt was the one raved by Miss Pink. I’m glad I waited to buy it because it was on sale on the UK site for £7. The white shirt was £15 and the black jumper (aka sweater) was £8. The prices in the UK are so much better than Canada… which kinda sucks for me.

And my H&M x Lanvin stuff. Funny thing was these items were the ones I really wanted at the beginning, but when I saw real life photos of these I started to rethink it. After settling on some other stuff, in the end I came back and still bought these… The dress was £99 ($200 in Canada and the US) and the skirt was £35 ($70 in Canada and the US).

Did anyone else buy anything from the collection? I know some of my friends in Vancouver lined up outside Pacific Centre for nearly 7 hours before getting their hands on something from the collection… in the freezing snow.

Please share your purchases!! ❤


10 thoughts on “I GOT IT! My H&M x Lanvin haul <3

  1. my sister was telling me she got the same shirts as you!

    i went over the h&m website when i saw your post, everything was sold out LOL!

    the looks gorgeous – cant wait to see it on you!

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