The Clarisonic Challenge

If you’re been following me on Twitter, you will know that I recently bought a Clarisonic Mia during the Shopping Channel’s Daily Showstopper event. I purchased it for $129.99 + 13% tax and it included a Clarisonic Mia (in the colour berry, which is SO cute), a normal and a sensitive brush heads, three travel-sized cleansers (refreshing gel, nourishing care and gentle hydro) and a $20 savings card towards your next purchase at the Shopping Channel.

Before this purchase, I’ve heard many things about the Clarisonic both good and bad. Some people have said it caused them to break out more than before, others have said it changed their lives. At first I was super skeptical, but Miss Asiyakei really recommended it and then the sale and then it was all downhill from there.

I’m going to be doing a Clarisonic Challenge. For 8 weeks, twice a week (16 times in total), I will be posting up photos of my bare face. I’m going to try to show you the difference it has done to my skin. Since I don’t know if its going to go good or bad, I’m just going to hope its going to turn out well.

I’m going to try to stick to the same skincare regime all throughout the 8 weeks. My current regime is:

  • Cleanse with Rosette x Hello Kitty Collagen Foaming Cleanser (I will probably change this up because I want to try different cleansers with this to see which one foams up the best)
  • Tone with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Lotion (on a cotton pad)
  • Brighten with Diorsnow White Reveal Essence
  • Hydrate with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Lotion (patted on with hands)
  • Moisturize with Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator

I also currently use MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator every other day and MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask every 2-3 days. I will probably stop using the exfoliator now that I’m already exfoliating with the Clarisonic.

Here is my photo 1, which is before I did anything with the Clarisonic (beware of scary photos!).

Some additional notes:

  • My skin used to be dehydrated combination, now its just really dehydrated (after I got back from my trip)
  • Its stress season for me because exams are just around the corner so my skin is breaking out. But compared to last year, its really a LOT better because I’m finally understanding what my skin really needs rather than just piling stuff on. NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator has really helped me prevent breakouts because its a non-greasy moisturizer. You can read my review of it here.
  • I have medium-sized pores around my nose and cheek area.
  • I have hyperpigmentation both in the form of sunspots (aka freckles) and acne scars. I have been trying to lighten them by using products like Diorsnow White Reveal essence but the process is a slow one.
  • My eye area is crazy dry. You can see deep lines under my eyes in these photos… *sigh* (if anyone knows a good eye cream, PLEASE let me know; I will be forever grateful!)

That’s it, please watch for my weekly updated =)


8 thoughts on “The Clarisonic Challenge

  1. Our skin is so similar, so I am interested in seeing your results. I think clairsonic may also help with acne scarring. I personally use a mousse type product from etsy for those though. It is fantastical.

    You may want to try a natural brand for your eye area. Korres, Ole Henriksen, Pangea, and Cauldalie have amazing eye products. Oh, and Boscia too! I love them all equally. 🙂

  2. I love my Clarisonic! I also bought mine on TSC last year when the regular sized one went on sale.

    I definitely notice a difference when I don’t use it (larger pores with more blackheads) so this has become my staple.

    Hope you enjoy yours and I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. We are excited to hear about your results and we love it when our users do a challenge! Please keep us updated and make sure to stop by our blog for all sonic news! Happy holidays from Clarisonic!

  4. I’m glad you’re doing this challenge. I bought a Clarisonic, but I felt like it didn’t do much for my skin (which is similar to yours except that I have a oily eye area). Maybe I was using the wrong products with it or I wasn’t using it frequently enough? Hopefully it works better for you!

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