Jay Chou is coming to VANCOUVER!!

Yes I am fangirling because one of my favourite people in the whole wide world, Jay Chou, is coming to Vancouver as part of the North American leg of his Era tour! I’m SO excited because the last time he came here was in 2003 (he was in Toronto in 2008), so of course I bought tickets almost immediately. He’ll be performing at Rogers Arena (formerly GM place) on December 23, 2010.

He is also going to be in San Jose and Los Angeles and you can find tickets for all three events here. Tickets start at $110 and go up to $500 (which are already sold out actually, crazy I know!). You can see the photos from the Jay Chou concert I attended in Beijing here. The Beijing stadium was HUGE and I sat in the very very back (because my cousin bought really shitty tickets), but this time I bought not-so-bad tickets so I’ll actually be able to see his face ❤

Is anyone as excited as I am? Is anyone else going?!


3 thoughts on “Jay Chou is coming to VANCOUVER!!

  1. Cool!! That’s a big gap since he’s been to Canada huh? I hope you’ll get to see him. I live in San Jose! LOL 😛 I know tons of Asian people here will go see him! 🙂

  2. OMGGGGG JAY CHOU!!!!!!!! So so so jealous!! I hope you’ll be able to see him clearly now! I haven’t listened to his songs for the longest time…Everyday is Kpop here in Korea *sighs* Now listening to Qi Li Xiang on You Tube sure bring back some memories T.T

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