I like new things.

I bought these uber cute accessories from Tiff at Hikaria. I can’t remember what its called, but they’re made from that putty stuff. Aren’t they just so CUUUUUUUTE ❤ I got earrings (I’m going to attach my own clips) and a cellphone charm.

In other news, I also bought new glasses. I got them during Clearly Contacts‘ 10,000 Free Glasses promotion on Facebook. The frame was free, but I upgraded the lenses from the basic lenses to the ultra thin ones. I still need to go to the optometrist and get them adjusted though, they don’t sit as comfortably on me as I would like them to be. Clearly Contacts operates in Canada and the US (as Coastal Contacts). Honest, I would recommend everyone buy from them. They have amazing customer service with free shipping over $129 (in Canada), and their prices are very reasonable compared to buying from the optometrist. This is also where I buy all of my contacts (apart from the Korean GEO ones).

That’s all, I hope you guys are having a good week! Also don’t forget to sign up for Secret Santa, the deadline to sign up is nearing!

7 thoughts on “I like new things.

  1. Professional look with the new glasses and with the black chair hehe 😀 I had a peek at Hikaria and she makes cute stuff, liking the waffle and tart!

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