I heart H&M x Lanvin

I am any girl in love with fashion and clothing. I LOVE H&M’s collaborations with various designers. I didn’t get into H&M until maybe my first year of university, just because they weren’t available in my city until then, but I’ve quickly acknowledged that they offer the best clothes in the price range that they operate in. It wasn’t until these recent years that I’ve been really into their collaborations, the last one being Sonia Rykiel where I was able to grab a few things when I was in Paris. The latest one with Lanvin has stole my heart and I definitely plan on getting some stuff from this collection.

Some highlights (AKA my personal favourites!):

I’m planning on getting the two black dresses (the one-shoulder dress with the puff shoulders looks purple but its actually black), and the black ruffle skirt. I really wanted that black trench coat too, but you can get a really nice coat for a lot cheaper than what that coat is selling for. I also really love the shoes and accessories, but I figured Lanvin is mostly known for their dresses, may as well just buy their dresses. And maybe the sunglasses too XD

What’s on your wishlist?


18 thoughts on “I heart H&M x Lanvin

  1. I love the off shoulder dresses and the beautiful coat 🙂 H&M offers a great range of items that really fits a number of styles 🙂 I wish they had an online shop! :p

  2. I was really into H&M when I was in my teenage years, aka ten years ago (cough cough…), but then, I didn’t even enter a H&M shop, just because their clothes became bad in quality and design.

    But lately, I’m super into H&M again! I think, the have re-improved again! So yayyy! 🙂

    The H&M x Lanvon Collection looks super chic!

    • Yay you made it through! Yeah, they’re really weird about where they choose their new stores, some places have more than necessary while others have none =__=

  3. i want to buy at least something but i think it would sell out crazily here [the jimmy choo collection there was like 20 pieces in the whole of tokyo. so 5 pieces per store..like wtf] so i dont think i’ll be able to get any T-T

    • Yeah, I won’t be lining up at 3:00 AM here to buy it (thats what everyone here does, its crazy), so I’m getting mine mailed to me from the UK by a very nice blogger friend. I love how they have online shopping!

      The Jimmy Choo collection apparently wasn’t that good, but this one has had a lot of really good reviews by people who’ve seen it, so I’m really excited!!

  4. I wonder if the black ruffle skirt is available here, it looks stunning! Haven’t been to H&M store for a while, time to check them out! ;P

  5. I saw the ad for this and I thought it was so cool ! High-end brand collection for lower end brand is always controversial cause’ you always get some duds and the quality of course isn’t ever as good but there are some really good finds in this collection !

    Unfortunately Australia doesn’t have H&M ;-/

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