Swatch/Mini-Review: Lancome Ombre Magnetique in 02A Cherry Cherie

I’ve never been a follower of Lancome and I didn’t even know about this new formula release until I went to Shoppers Drug Mart last month to look at the Guerlain fall collection. The saleslady introduced me to this completely new line of eyeshadows and I promptly fell in love. The colour was rich, intense and very long-wearing. I did not buy it though, because it is priced at a whopping $47 CAD + tax. There was no way I am spending $55 on ONE shade of eyeshadow. I went home and did some research and found out that its only selling for something like $25 in the US, so I did what any sensible Canadian would do in this situation: I scoured e-Bay.

These two photos show Cherry Cherie in two different lights. The first photo is where you can see the colour of its sparkles, a pretty cherry red, and the second photo is what it really looks like in real life, an intense plummy cranberry.

Here is the swatch. The eyeshadow is kind of a weird texture, it is very hard and dry, even though it is supposed to be like a semi-pressed pigmented. The granules are kind of big and there will be fallout, so its probably good to be patting this on rather than brush it on like a usual powdered shadow. The one thing that really caught my attention was how hard it was to remove this. I have not tried this on my eyelid yet, but just from me trying to remove it from my arm, I can tell it should be very long wearing. I had it on for about 5 minutes for photos, and I tried to take it off in the usual manner I take eyeshadow swatches off my arm: water and tissue paper. Well it wouldn’t come off. I was running late so I wasn’t able to get to the cleansing oil, but I had to literally scratch this off my arm. I wasn’t sure if that is a good thing or not…

Anyways, the colour is very intense and pigmented. I swiped it a couple of time to get to this intensity, but I’m sure with a brush you won’t require so much effort. Also, I don’t know if you can wear this wet as well, or dry only, but if you can wear it wet, I can see it being very beautiful.

Overall, if you can find this, I would recommend getting it, if you can justify spending so much money on it, just because it is so pretty. I will likely be wearing this with my holiday makeup as I see it wearing very beautifully with golds.

P.S. Lancome Canada has the plummy shade released under the name “Metropolitan Plum.” I’m not sure if its just a different name, or if they’re completely different products. From online swatches though, they seem pretty similar so I’m going to assume they’re the same thing.


6 thoughts on “Swatch/Mini-Review: Lancome Ombre Magnetique in 02A Cherry Cherie

  1. Whoaaa CAD$47+tax for one shade of eyeshadow is @.@ but the colour is indeed really rich and pretty! Please do an EOTD with it! Also let us know if it can easily be removed from eyelids once you try it on 😉

  2. *sigh* Cosmetic pricing in the US compared to CDA really drives me crazy, especially since there’s such a huge difference between brands. Some brands the exchange is a few dollars – some, like Lancome, seem to be almost double! eBay it is, hey?? That shade looks really pretty 🙂

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