Jill Stuart and Lunasol Holiday Coffrets + CP info (with links)

Hiya! Here is some information about the Jill Stuart and Lunasol holiday coffrets, usually two of the most popular sets during the holiday season. I’ve also included links to blogs that have real-life photos and swatches.

Jill Stuart Holiday

This one is usually one of the most popular holiday coffrets. If you think you may want it, you should act FAST because I know it sells out within HOURS in Japan. They release a point makeup coffret and a bath & body set every year. This year the point makeup coffret is called “Secret Tease” and will be released in Hong Kong on November 1st. It comes with a full size Blush Blossom, full size Jelly Eye Colour, a mini Jelly Lip Colour, false lashes, a perfumed puff and pouch.

You can see real life photos of the Jill Stuart Secret Tease collection on this blog as well as on Makeup and Life (including swatches).

If you want to order the Jill Stuart Secret Tease Coffret. My friend Jennifer from Life and Lens of Beauty and Lisa from Makeup and Life are both offering CP services for the coffret. Please check out their respective blogs.

Lunasol Holiday

Lunasol usually comes out with their usual seasonal release of makeup plus an additional coffret. The holiday coffret this year is especially awesome because it comes with a full size eyeshadow palette and a full size blush, along with mascara, lipgloss and pouch.

What’s on my wishlist? I think just the Jill Stuart set. I wasn’t planning on getting it originally because I’m not a fan of loose products, especially one that is not in a big container that prevents spilling (this one is just in a compact… disaster waiting to happen?). But after seeing more photos and swatches from Lisa, the details just completely won me over. Did I mention I love anything lace? Well I love anything lace, and this collection is very lace-y, so I will be getting it. Don’t you just love my logic ^___~


Images courtesy of Iswii.net


6 thoughts on “Jill Stuart and Lunasol Holiday Coffrets + CP info (with links)

  1. Thanks for the links and information! Both collection looks so appealing!! I think I’d rather get the Lunasol Holiday collection if I had to choose between the two. I just can’t see myself using expensive Jill Stuart loose powder makeup without spilling it…

    • I really wanted Lunasol until I realized I had about 3 other palettes with similar colours. I’m just getting JS because I LOVE to collect their stuff. And I love lace XD

  2. What pretty coffrets! I think I’m going to pass on any holiday stuff this year, unfortunately… I need to organize the stuff that I have!

  3. JS shade somehow doesn’t seem to suit my skintone well, very pinky too me? Do you know where I can get the Lunasol coffret? Is it out yet in Japan? I’m moving to Tokyo quite soon but I’m afraid by the time I move, it’s sold out already><

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