Swatches of Paul & Joe Lip Gloss G in 04 and 05

I purchased the Paul & Joe lipglosses during the ASOS promotion that happened a few weeks ago. I loved 06 when I first tried it, so I wanted to get more. You can see swatches and my mini review of 06 here.

04 is a peachy nude with shimmers and 05 is a magenta with shimmer.

Here’s a comparison with 06 from before. When I first received 04 I thought I bought really similar glosses, but after a side-by-side comparison with swatches, I noticed they’re quite different (06 is on the very right, order in the picture is 05, 04 and 06)

See more photos and swatches!

06 is also much more subtle when swatched compared to the others, it didn’t have as much shimmer. 04 and 05 are quite shimmery with 04 looking like there is some iridescent shimmer in it. 04 also look a little more milky than the other two.

Here are some lip swatches. The first set are of 04 and the second set are of 05.

Sorry if I look lifeless in the photos. I have been sleeping extremely badly lately, waking up randomly in the middle of the night and tossing and turning more than usual. There has just been so much going on lately that I think my subconscious won’t let me rest until I get everything done. Sigh.

Anyways I hope these swatches are useful for you. None of these glosses are Limited Edition (actually they’re relatively new, they just came out this year to replace the Lip Gloss N from before), so you should be able to find them wherever Paul & Joe is sold.

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2 thoughts on “Swatches of Paul & Joe Lip Gloss G in 04 and 05

  1. Thanks for the swatches! They’re all really nice! I hope you get everything done so that you can sleep better!=) I always feel so much better when I get a good nights rest. Hope you do too.

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