New Buys: Jill Stuart and Cath Kidston Mooks! [pic heavy]

I received my long-awaited Jill Stuart and Cath Kidston mooks today. If you’re not familiar with what mooks are, they’re basically Japanese magazine-like books (hence, the “mook”) that are published by various brands to introduce people to their products. Its like another form of catalogue.

I purchased both mooks from YesAsia, and yes both are still in stock (you can buy Jill Stuart here and Cath Kidston here). Shipping is free over $38, so if you buy both, you can get it shipped to your home for free (which is what I did).

Of course the whole point of buying an actual mook (other than for collection purposes) is the gift with purchase (GWP).

Both of these mooks come with makeup pouches that contain many compartments for the crazy organizer person like me. The Jill Stuart one is made of pink nylon with flower bouquets printed on the outside. It also has a pink nylon lining and 2 main compartments with smaller compartments inside each of those. The best thing about the Jill Stuart pouch is that it has a place for brush organization, which I am very much loving.

The Cath Kidston pouch is made of canvas and just has one main compartment with smaller compartments within it. Its lined with a very pretty blue poke-a-dot fabric. It also comes with a mirror and a little case for napkins.

Overall if I had to choose one mook to buy, I’d get the Cath Kidston one. The quality is excellent and it actually looks like something you can buy in a Cath Kidston store. The JS pouch, while pretty, looks a little more like a GWP than the Cath Kidston one. Also the Cath Kidston pouch is very nicely padded with thick padding, so you don’t have to worry about the contents breaking or anything, but the JS one isn’t padded as much.

Some more photos, including what both look like when full of makeup!
If you like them, I would suggest buying it as soon as possible. Mooks usually sell out really quickly and the Jill Stuart one is especially popular. It is expensive, but if you think about it, buying a pouch from the counter or store may cost 3-4 times more the price of the mook. Plus I always use the Jill Stuart mook contents to plan out my purchases because it includes an entire catalogue of Jill Stuart products that are currently out.
I hope this was semi useful for you!

21 thoughts on “New Buys: Jill Stuart and Cath Kidston Mooks! [pic heavy]

  1. Agree! I like the Cath Kidston better than JS too, it looks more appealing and I love the inner polka dot compared to the plain pink JS ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ohhhh… I wanna have that JS makeup bag!!! You know, I’ve been lemming for a JS makeup bag for the longest already, don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You must feel like a little princess carrying your makeup in these pouches, huh?

  3. Oh WOW! Thanks! This post was really helpful. I had no idea there was such things as mooks. Or how useful they could be. Your idea of planning your purchases from the mook is fantastic. In one of your pictures, there were two Jill Stuart makeup bags. Does the Jill Stuart mook come with two makeup bags?

  4. I have the same JS emook as you… I was a little disappointed with the quality but hey its not too bad for it’s value!

    You should check out the SWEETS nov edition, the P&J makeup bag (you get 2) is actually better quality there! I really love the patterns for it too XD

  5. So cute that they are called “mooks”! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the Cath Kidston one! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty florals! The JS one is so adorable and so pretty adorned with its signature bow ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m a Canadian blogger too ^^
    I might join in on your Secret Santa too! ^^

    Anyways, love this ‘mook’ thing and the super cute makeup pouches!! The little bow is super cute!

    And do you have a way to follow your blog without using the email system?? I was trying to find a Google follow button but couldn’t find any..

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