“Are you naughty or nice?” 2010 Blogger Gift Exchange!

I’ve been asking a couple of people on Twitter if they would be interested in Secret Santa and so far the response has been pretty good, so we’re doing a Secret Santa!

What is a Secret Santa? A Secret Santa is basically a “game” where you send your gift to someone without them knowing who is sending them the gift. We’ll be doing our Secret Santa via Elfster where you enter your name and information and then Elfster will assign you someone to send the gift to, and at the same time your name will be assigned to someone else. All gifts will be mailed out.

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, November 17 and the deadline to get your gifts sent out is Saturday, December 6, 2010. This gives a good two weeks and a bit for you to select and mail out your gifts. Basically these deadlines are put in place so everyone can receive their gifts in time for Christmas.

When you receive your gift, you are NOT allowed to open it right away. Please take a picture of the box and post it on your blog. You can open your gifts on Christmas Day and then please post up the contents of your gift so we can all share the love.

Ready to join?

You can sign up for Elfster and the event HERE

Please advertise this Secret Santa event on your blog, those who have done Secret Santas will know that it is SO much more fun with more people involved.

Also some words of caution for people who want to participate (hopefully these don’t scare you away): there is no spending limit, but please don’t be stingy (aka cheap). I know most of you won’t, but its just good to get that out there. I would recommend a minimum spending of $40 plus shipping. Also Secret Santa is only fun for everyone if everyone participates, so please make sure that you do get your gifts sent out on time (or sent out at all) to avoid disappointment. I really love organizing events like this and I hope to continue the tradition every year, but that is only possible if everyone is cooperative and does their best. Thank you!


18 thoughts on ““Are you naughty or nice?” 2010 Blogger Gift Exchange!

  1. Hi, I just signed up for Elfster but I am not sure if I am actually allowed to join considering I am not a blogger and I live overseas (Korea). Do let me know, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Elen!

      I’m really sorry, but this time around I think we’re just going to do bloggers-only for the gift exchange. If you decide that you want to start your own blog that would be really awesome, but otherwise, I’m really sorry!

      • Aw~ alrighty then, it’s alright^^ I am not planning to blog tho I am real tempted after reading so much blogs recently but due to my kinda “boring” life (almost 24/7 work only) I don’t think I would be a good blogger>< Have fun for those who participate!^-^

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