Paul & Joe Lip Gloss G in 01 & 06: Pics, Swatches and mini Review

I recently was able to purchase a few Paul & Joe Lip Gloss Gs in 01 and 06. You can see the rest of my haul here (and don’t forget ASOS is still having their beauty sale, so if you like any of the shades you see, you can buy it there for a super good deal!).

I purchased the Lip Gloss G in 01 Secret of Gold (bottom), which is a clear gloss loaded with gold and champagne sparkles, and 06 Sheer Bliss (top), which is a peachy melon.

I only swatched 06 Sheer Bliss because I will be giving 01 Secret of Gold in my holiday giveaway (lol, teaser much? XD).

06 Sheer Bliss is a cream-based peachy melon shade when swatched on the arm, but it is actually quite sheer and the payoff is very jelly-like. Its very natural and pretty. The formula is awesome, its very light and feels like a gel on the lips, not like a sticky gloss at all. Because of the jelly-like feel and look to it, I didn’t find it settling into my liplines at all, which is often a problem with me with most glosses. The colour is buildable, so you can layer it on without it looking like you’re just moving the gloss around. I’m wearing 2 layers in the lip swatches with no base (sorry about the uneven application, I didn’t realize it until I uploaded it on my computer but I wanted to get these swatches up for you guys so I didn’t re-swatch it).

I hope you found this useful. I ordered 3 more shades in the Lip Gloss G line, as well as a blush from ASOS so I should be receiving those shortly.


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