(Late also) Lunasol Summer Collection purchases

Yes another late summer post. I caved and bought the Lunasol Nature Summer Blue EX01 palette even though I said I passed when I saw it first in HK and China. Well, its not really my fault people like Macnunu, Jess and Fuz keep raving about it.

Lunasol Nature Summer Blue EX01

Full Glamour Lips G in EX02 and Full Glamour Gloss in EX13

Full Glamour Lips G EX02 is a coral-beige lipstick with a cream finish. Full Glamour Gloss EX13 is not mine (its for my dearest Macnunu), but from what I can see in the tube, its an orange-coral gloss with tons of shimmer.

Gorgeous colours for the summer, I guess I’ll just have to wait until next summer to wear them.


8 thoughts on “(Late also) Lunasol Summer Collection purchases

  1. Yay… glad you finally decided to get this palette! I have not received mine yet, but I know it must be a really awesome palette, hehe…

    I’d love to see some looks of you soon with all your new goodies, Sheila!

    Oh, and the orange lippie and lipgloss look really nice too!

  2. Ohh! Those look so pretty. Better late than never. I’m really excited about the looks you’ll make with the Lunasol eye palette.

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