Where is Sheila? and LOVE package from KAY!!

I’m so sorry for randomly ditching you guys these past few days, but I do have a very legitimate reason. Its recruiting season and I’m trying to get a job, so cover letters are more important to me now than writing blog entries. However I will try to get as many I can in between as blogging is really one of my biggest passions.

The other reason? This:

In other news, I received a HUGE package from the amazing Kay today. I asked her to CP some stuff for me from Japan and even though she was SO busy, she took time out of her crazy schedule to help me. Thank you, Kay!!

I poured out the contents and out comes…

I had asked for some of that really cool menthol spray that Yumeko reviewed in her blog. My brother has this extreme fear of heat so I wanted this for him to use in the summer.

I have also been lemming the Hello Kitty x Rosette skincare line for a long time.

And of course, being a contact lens wearer and long-time night cat, this is a must-use.

I forgot to take an individual picture of the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion that Kay sent me, but its basically to combat my crazy super dehydrated skin.

And of course, Kay being Kay included a TON of goodies ❤

I have been lemming Japanese Kit Kats for the longest time, even going on eBay and buying $60 worth of Kit Kats in different flavours. This will definitely satisfy my craving for the time being.

Thank you, Kay! I hope you enjoy what I’ve sent you ^___^

I also received my Paul & Joe and Kanebo haul today, but too many photos can get confusing so that’ll be for another day =)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend as much as I’ve enjoy mine (although busy…).


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