Random buys from before leaving Vancouver

In case you have been living under a rock, or just haven’t been reading my blog/Twitter, you’ll know I’m back in school. But here are some photos of stuff I bought before I left.

The top and pencil skirt I bought from Mexx during their 40% last ticketed price event. Together the two were under $50, which is not bad for work separates (I’ll likely have to wear a blazer over top, but I do that anyways so… XD) The top is super cute, it has a knot in the back so its not just some random tank. Its long enough to wear with leggings and still cover the bum, but I just like to wear it tucked in because it looks good like that too. Paired with my favourite pair of shoes… from Dior ❤

And the weekend before I left, my mom took me on a shopping trip to the Seattle Premium Outlets in the states. This was all I got. There is a CCO there, but I didn’t like the selection of MAC and other stuff they had, so I just ended up getting my mom a bottle of the Bobbi Brown skin tonic or something.

I’m usually not a huge fan of Coach, as I’m not a fan of the monogram thing in general. I do use it, but I don’t flaunt it around like some high school kid. But when I saw this Coach poppy bag, I knew I had to have it. First of all, its PINK, and I don’t have a sling bag yet so this would be perfect for someone like me with tons of stuff in their purse. I was thinking of getting one of their sling pouches or whatever they’re called, but I didn’t think it would fit everything. I also bought a Coach wallet, as my Guess wallet is no longer big enough for all of my cards and bubble tea stamp cards.

And let’s end off with some food. This is the third bowl of Milk Seafood Udon I had this summer, which is actually not a lot. When I went back last summer, I think just for the month of August I had probably 5-6…

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