I caved: Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs eyeshadow palette from Fall 2010 (pic heavy)

I finally caved to this eyeshadow palette when Shoppers Drug Mart was having a 20x the points event yesterday. I kept telling myself I didn’t need it, including entering into an unofficial agreement with MACnunu that we weren’t going to get this palette. But in the end it wasn’t a question of need, it was pure lust.

The palette is everything I imagined it to be: beautiful with silky shades of eyeshadows I can wear night and day. Truthfully, the shades aren’t anything to drool over as they are just normal neutrals, and the texture is drier than the other Guerlain palettes I’ve tried (specifically the Bal de Minuit quad from last holiday), but its the wearability of the palette that makes it a “buy” item for me. I don’t want to chat too much, but want you guys to just enjoy the photos. The variation I purchased was the 2 Place Vendome.

See more!

If you compare the promotional pictures to my pictures, you’ll notice that the promo pics of 2 Place Vendome shows the palette as being more grey as opposed to beige/brown. I actually found it to be mostly beige and not very grey at all. The shade on the top right is a little grey, but most of the other shades are definitely beige/brown. Also, the texture of the shadows is satin, some of them are closer to matte, others to shimmer, but they are still satin. There is not too much shimmer to any of the shades, even though it might look like that in the photos. Just FYI.

The lady who worked at the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers was so nice. Not only did she spend a whole 15 minutes looking for the Lancome fall collection testers for me, we were engaged in conversation for the majority of the time I was there, including talking about the upcoming Guerlain holiday collection. So when I left, she handsomely gifted me with some Guerlain samples, including the new Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss. I received two of Violine, so I will be giving one of those away with my ongoing giveaway. A sample tube is about 3/5 the size of the full size. I also received the new foundation called Lingerie de Peau. Guerlain foundations has always been among my favourites, so I’m eager to try this one out.

(I know the picture looks a little off-focus, but this is actually what the colour looks like in real-life)

I will not be doing swatches of the eyeshadow, mainly because you can already find tons of good quality swatches of 2 Place Vendome on the net, including on KarlaSugar. You can also find swatches, a review and lip swatches of Violine on Temptalia if you’re really eager, but I’ll likely be doing my own review of that sometime in the near future.


15 thoughts on “I caved: Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs eyeshadow palette from Fall 2010 (pic heavy)

  1. i dont blame you for caving in, the packaging itself is gorgeous to begin with! plus im sure the satin eyeshadows will be very useful for OL’s.

    i love friendly SA’s, they make shopping more pleasurable.:) she gave you so mamy samples! enjoy!

  2. Wow, the packaging is so sleek. Are all Guerlain products like that? 🙂 I imagine the colors to be really nice, just because of the way it’s presented. Much much love!

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