Urban Decay BoSIII and NEW primer!

If you don’t know yet… Urban Decay’s new Book of Shadows III has been released on Sephora. Yes, this was the palette that sold out within 10 minutes of its release on UD’s website due to them releasing too limited stock. Its been out for a day on Sephora and still in stock, so I doubt its going to go out of sale that quickly, but if you know you really want this, then don’t hesitate.

Also Urban Decay released a set of four mini Primer Potions, including one NEW primer called Greed that is a pearly gold. It is also available on Sephora if you want to try all of the eyeshadow primers that UD has out right now, including the new one, this is a great way to see which one you like without having to buy the full size of each. Also, did I mention those little bottles last FOREVER? I’ve had my full-size for two years and I can still manage to get lots out of it.

My thoughts on the Book of Shadows? I’ve had my Alice palette for about 8 months and I’ve only used it TWICE. Its not that I don’t like it, because I really love it, but just the colour combination and everything is just off for me. Its like UD just stuck all their colour choices in a random generator and whatever came out they would put in the palettes. This is also what seems to be the case with BOSIII. I personally really just want Haight, which is a single shade, and I might just get that. My advice is if you are someone with tons of creative juices and can think of random looks to create with a totally random palette, then go for the BOSIII and any future BOS that come out. Otherwise, if you are like me and prefer a ready-made palette with all of your colours laid out for you, then I would skip and go for a nice Dior, Chanel or Guerlain palette, or even looking at Japanese eyeshadow palettes because those ones are the ultimate colour coordinations, complete with eye graphs.

That’s just my two cents.

(stock photos courtesy of Sephora)


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