Online Discount Shopping Sites!

One of my most popular blog entries now is the one about the Japanese cosmetics… So I’ve decided to do one for discount shopping sites too! Discount shopping sites are a great way to purchase brand name products for a lower price. Usually if you seek out a more prominent company, such as Hautelook, then you don’t have to worry about fakes and stuff like that. Most of these sites are by invitation only, so you have to get invited by a member in order to see the products that are available or purchase from them, so the link I’ve provided is my personal invite link.

1. Hautelook

This is probably the biggest and most famous of the discount shopping sites. Prices are relatively reasonable and they have a great selection of products at any given time, with product ranging from housewares, to food, to men’s accessories, to cosmetics. Shipping is about $10 to Canada and the US and from what I know, they collect your money and then tell the manufacturer of your order, the order is then shipping from the manufacturer to Hautelook and then to you.

I’ve ordered from here and honestly, it sounds like a long process but it really isn’t. When I made my order, they gave me an estimated time of when my stuff would get shipped out, but they ended up getting my stuff to me about a week and a half before their estimate. From when my stuff were ordered to when they were shipped out, it took about two weeks. They ship to Canada via Canada Post Expedited shipping, which is the extra quick one and is insured.

2. Beyond the Rack

Beyond the Rack is a Canadian discount shopping site. They are focused more on women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, and occasionally cosmetics or skincare as well. Their selection isn’t as amazing as Hautelook’s, but they do offer some really amazing brands such as Dior, Fendi, Rock & Republic, Diesel, etc. I have purchased a pair of Dior sunglasses from here for a really good deal, and I found that it shipped fast as well, via FedEx. Shipping is about $20, which is a bit high, but it is FedEx, so its fast. You can also read my previous review here.

3. Beauty Story

Beauty Story is a rare breed of discount shopping sites that only offers cosmetics, skincare and other beauty products. They really got themselves out during the Rock & Republic cosmetics sale and they are a subdivision of Editor’s Closet. Shipping to US is $6.50 and to Canada is $14, which is a little high, but they do have some good sales if you are a beauty fiend.

4. Editor’s Closet

Another discount site based in the US. They are kind of a rare breed as they only hold 1-2 sales at one time, unlike Hautelook or BTR where they have 10 or even more sales on at once. They also focus more on the high end stuff, like just today their Dior shoe sale ended with prices ranging from $150-300 (up to 70% off!).

5. Ideeli

Yup, another store like Hautelook… I’ve never shopped from here and I know they don’t ship to Canada so I have no idea how they work.

6. Izzy’s Beauty Shoppe

This is a discount store for beauty products, but you do NOT need an invitation to get in. I like Izzy’s Beauty Shoppe because they have a whole variety of products on sale. Prices aren’t bad, and sometimes you can find LE, discontinued or sold out products for not a huge markup. The best thing though? They sell testers. You know that Guerlain G Lipstick that you’ve always wanted but can’t talk yourself into putting down $60 for a lipstick? Well they have the testers for usually half of that price, or even more discount. They also sell slightly used perfume bottles, like perfumes that have been sprayed a few times but the majority of it is still there. Basically if you don’t mind the aesthetics or if you just love something and can’t bear to put down the entire amount for it, you go to Izzy’s. Shipping is free over $100 to Canada and the US, so you can shop to your hearts content without having to worry about shipping prices.

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