My top 10 loves and obsessions ❤

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m still trying to settle in here in Kingston and these few weeks is on-campus recruitment, so I’ll be away attending info sessions and submitting resumes and the such… wish me luck!

Here’s a little tag I want to start. Its basically getting to know everyone in the blogsphere better... what are your top 10 non-makeup related loves and obsessions? Rules are the same as any tag game: if you get tagged, do the tag and then tag a few more people after you’re done (it doesn’t really matter how many you tag, as many as you want!). Don’t forget to notify those people on their blogs or Twitter!

10. I love to cook. I always dream up these recipes out of nowhere and hope that maybe I can gather all the ingredients and actually make it some day in the near future. But that almost always never happens because it’s just really hard to find nice, fresh ingredients in Kingston, and my mom does the grocery shopping in Vancouver o___0

9. I’m a little bit weird because I love to collect pretty shopping bags. Not those plastic ones, but the really pretty cardboard/cloth ones. Some stores just have really classy shopping bags (ie. Dior, Chanel…) and I keep them all in my little stash.

8. I looooove foooooooood. My favourite cuisine is Japanese and my next favourite is Korean. I also really love authentic Chinese food. None of that lemon chicken crap you get served at those Chinese fast food places. Oh and hot pot too, and a nice juicy piece of steak. Okay I need to stop, it’s late and I’m getting hungry just from typing this!

7. I’m really into interior design and design in general. If I didn’t go to business school, then I’d probably end up in interior design. I love to collect pictures of various styles of rooms and I hope to one day style my own apartment (with an unlimited budget, of course *keeps on dreaming*). I especially have a love for Tiffany Blue, and white coloured furniture/paint/decorations, and baroque patterns. Oh and this bed.

6. I love to read Wikipedia. I can spend hours and hours at night just reading Wikipedia and just reading various articles that get linked through whatever article I started with. Reading Wiki is a really good way to expand your knowledge about random things. I would never use it as a resource for when I write a paper, but it’s a good way to kill time while still doing something sort of meaningful.

5. Twitter. I update my Twitter like a madperson. My bestie whom I traveled with in Europe thought I was crazy because everywhere I went I had to tweet something about it (and I borrowed her iPod Touch to do it because I didn’t have WiFi or data on my phone XD).

4. I am also an E-Mail obsessed person. I have this thing where if I receive an e-mail and its something I can reply to right now, then I have to 1) read it right away, 2) reply to it right away. Or else it just feels… weird, ya know? So I will probably be a very diligent worker in the future because even if you send me a work e-mail at 4AM and I’m still awake, chances are you will get a reply.

3. I lurrrve Hello Kitty. Its an obsession not many people know about because lately I haven’t been that obsessed. Before I moved out for university, my entire bedroom was filled with pink and Hello Kitty. I had HK plushes, body pillows, pencil cases, beanbag chairs, door curtains, just everything was HK. Now I’m a little more subtle, but I still get incredibly excited whenever I see HK =)

2. Vancouver is my absolute favourite city in the world. Sadly, I didn’t realize its beauty until I left for university and I seriously regret it all the time. Thankfully I will be graduating soon, so I’ll be back for good. What’s so good about Vancouver? The list just goes on and on: the friendly, perky people, the weather (yes it rains, but I prefer that over 7 months of snow and cold!), the traffic, the scenery (surrounded by water, forrests, mountains, but still in a metropolitan setting, how much better can it get?), and its relatively close distance to the states and the outlets in all its glory. Not to mention most of my friends and family still live in Vancouver.

1. And my ultimate love? My mother. She is seriously the most inspiration and amazing person I’ve ever encountered in my life. I don’t think I know any other moms that are like her, with the patience and love and care she offers to her family, friends and just everyone in general. She’s one of those people who will never turn people down, even if its obvious those people are just using her, so I’m always standing up for her. Seriously mommy, I love you~

I tag…

1. MACnunu

2. Lulu

3. Kay

4. Justine

5. Blair

6. Superwoolu

Hope that was somewhat of an interesting read… it kind of takes the focus off the makeup and on me for a bit, but I promise the next post will be beauty related!


3 thoughts on “My top 10 loves and obsessions ❤

  1. omgosh i loveee wikipedia… it’s so addictive… esp when you go from one thing then go off on a tangent and start reading some other useless facts!!

  2. We have a lot of similarities. I love cooking. I wanted to be a pasty chef, but I chose the business world instead. I have a small collection. I just love asian food. I cannot live without rice (I am a Filipina). Mine would be Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, but I’m learning about Korean dishes and loving fish cakes! I love Wikipedia. It’s my dictionary even though some may be made up, but just love it. I love my twitter too. I love reading about new news that anyone updated 🙂 I like email more than chatting online. I love being able to reply at anytime I want. I get bored easily, so I can’t chat for a long time. I really like Hello Kitty, but love pochacco. I love my mother. She is my best friend.

    My comment is really long, but we have so much similarities 🙂

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