I love Dimsum… at Sun Sui Wah!

One of my favourite leisurely activities is going out for dimsum with friends. Its like high tea, Asian-style. You get a pot of your favourite Asian tea (I always get Chrysanthemum; I can drink so much of it!) and you choose various delicacies varying from my favourite prawn dumplings to congee to mango pudding. The selection is endless.

My favourite place to go for dimsum is Sun Sui Wah. Its probably the most established Chinese restaurant in the Greater Vancouver Region with two locations, one in Richmond and one in Vancouver. If you ever visit Vancouver and are in the mood for higher-end Chinese food, Sun Sui Wah is the way to go. Reservations are a must, especially on the weekends.

The food here is amazing. They always use the freshest ingredients and service is top-notch for a Chinese restaurant (which are mostly known for their awful service). There is a huge selection of both seafoods and meats, and even the vegetarian stuff.

My favourites? Prawn dumplings (虾饺), Deluxe Dumplings in Soup (罐汤饺), Prawns wrapped in rice noodle (虾肠粉), Mango Pancake (芒果班带), and more.

Mango "pancake": fresh mango and whipped cream wrapped in a fresh crepe

Sun Sui Wah Richmond
102, 4940 No. 3 Road,
Richmond BC V6X 3A5
(604) 273-8208

Sun Sui Wah Vancouver
3888 Main Street
Vancouver BC V5V 3N9
(604) 872-8822


3 thoughts on “I love Dimsum… at Sun Sui Wah!

  1. Dim sum is one of my favorite foods!! 🙂 I used to go every weekend when i was a child LOL My parents love it so much. They’d wait in 1 hr lines to go eat it. My love for little dishes grew as well 🙂 Looks like you got the best of the best!! YUM!

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