Review: GEO Angel Colour Brown circle lenses

GEO Angel Colour Brown

I purchased two pairs of circle lenses to try out this year. I have previously worn circle lenses but just for a night, so it wasn’t much of an experience to compare with. I do normally wear contacts, but I wear Freshlook coloured ones I buy from Clearly Contacts.

What it is: Circle lenses are a popular type of contact lenses originating from Korea. The concept behind them is that they have a thick outer rim that is designed to make your eyes look bigger. GEO Angel Colour Brown is a very simple, 1-tone brown contact lens with a thick outer rim.

The good: It doesn’t look as dramatic as some of the other circle lenses I’ve seen on the market (ie. the 100% black ones or the GEO Nudy series), so it will look well on people who have never worn circle lenses before because it is slightly more natural. I also found it very easy to pop in my eyes, took me about 30 seconds to do both eyes when normally with Freshlook contacts (because they’re so soft), it would take about a minute for each eye (they just keep flipping over! *sad*)

  • Not as dramatic
  • Easy to put in

The bad: It is a little on the dry side compared to my Freshlook ones and not as comfortable. Also because they are 1-tone, and make your eyes look huge, you will likely need to wear makeup with them because they are still dramatic and your features will look a little flat and bland without makeup.

  • Dry
  • Made my features look flat

Overall: I think these are great for people who are looking into circle lenses for the first time because they aren’t crazy dramatic but still give you that dolly look. Comfortwise, they are a little dry so I do recommend carrying a bottle of eyedrops with you. I would rate the comfort level at 7 out of 10 and the overall look an 8 out of 10.

No makeup. See how my features all kind of look washed out? (Taken with flash)

Taken with flash with no makeup

With my natural look makeup

With something more dramatic and colourful

What do you think, is this something you’d wear?


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