Swatches/mini review: L’Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity in Aquadisiac

I bought the L’oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity in Aquadisiac when I was in Hong Kong this past June.

The shades are (from top left in clockwise): shimmery teal, white, slate with silver glitter and shimmery navy.

All of the shades in this palette took a little more effort to swatch compared to other eyeshadows I’ve tried. They definitely applied pretty and with lots of pigmentation when on the eyelid, but not as vibrant on the arms. The white shade is also a lot chalkier than the other four shades. The slate looked like black in the pan, but no matter how many times I swiped, it stayed slate on my arm and not black. Of the four shades, the smoothest one was the teal. I’ll post up a FOTD with this palette tomorrow.

This is the teal shade in comparison to MAC’s recent release of Partylicious pigment from the Alice + Olivia mini-collection. Partylicious pigment is shown on the bottom and the teal shade from the Aquadisiac palette is on top of it. Partylicious pigment is a little greener and not as shimmery as the teal shade, and definitely a lot more pigmented.

I haven’t been to a North American drugstore since being back, so I have no idea if this is an Asian exclusive or not. It is pretty though, don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Swatches/mini review: L’Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity in Aquadisiac

  1. I love these aqua blue shades! Definitely a really pretty drugstore palette! The shadows do look pretty pigmented! Hope to see a look of you with this palette soon! 😉

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