Food love: Santouka Ramen on Robston St.

Photo courtesy of Anita's Blackberry

Recently, Christine introduced me to this amazing ramen place on Robson St. Apparently its a chain restaurant that serves authentic Hokkaido ramen with locations in Japan and around Asia.

Whenever I go there, I always get the entree in the picture above. I honestly have no idea what it is called, but if you open the menu and see a big sign that says “Limited Quantities,” mine is the first in that list. Its just plain ramen with bamboo sprouts, green onion, black fungus (黑木耳) served on the side with a few slices of pork cheek.

There are two reasons why I love this ramen.

One, the pork is super tender. Like, OMG tender, melt-in-your-mouth tender, amazing orgasmic-ly tender… okay I think you get the point. Pork is something you can very easily overcook, in which case it becomes old and not very pleasant to eat. But Santouka has managed to make it just so juicy and tender that even people who may not like pork might like this.

Two, the soup is probably the best ramen soup I’ve ever had. Okay, I’m not exactly a ramen expert, but I have had plenty of ramen on my trip around the world, some of which were good, and some of which were not so good. This is really excellent soup. Its not too salty or too overwhelming, there is a really good balance of creaminess with the pork flavour.

If you are a fan of ramen, I would strongly recommend checking out this place. I’ve been twice since I got back, both times with Christine (and today with Anita also, I believe she really enjoyed it too).

A little warning though, it will get very busy after 12:00noon, so if you want to check out this place, try to get there a little early. Also like mentioned above, the pork cheek ramen is “limited,” so if you want to ensure that you get some, go early!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
1690 Robson Street Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-8121


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