Swatches/mini review: Canmake Nudy Glow in 02 Strawberry Milk and 05 Honey Latte

I received three Canmake products in my previous swap with Evie. This was my first time trying Canmake products after hearing so much about them on pretty much everyone’s blog. I had asked Evie to grab me the Cream Cheek in 01 Peach Dream and the Nudy Glow in 02 Strawberry Milk and 05 Honey Latte. I will be doing the review and swatches of the Cream Cheek in a separate blog post.

Canmake is a Japanese drugstore brand. Most products in the Canmake brand are quite good and have been covered extensively by many beauty bloggers on the internet, so I’m not going to do too long of an intro. Sadly, it is not available outside of Asia (at least, not for retail price). You can get Canmake outside of Japan in some Asian countries such as Singapore, but the prices are not as cheap as if you got it locally in Japan. However that being said, most people are still willing to pay the inflated prices for these products simply because they work and are worth that much.

Canmake Nudy Glow in 02 Strawberry Milk and 05 Honey Latte (left to right)

Pigmentation is really good in these lip glosses, they are something you can easily wear alone directly on your lips as there is very good colour payoff. The formula is a little thick though, and I noticed that immediately after taking the brush out of the tube as there was a little trail of lip gloss, kind of like honey.

02 Strawberry Milk is a cool baby pink and 05 Honey Latte is a light beige. Both shades have micro shimmer which isn’t as evident when worn on the lips as when swatched on the arm.

This uses a brush applicator which I found to be a little bit longer and wider than usual, making it harder to apply than other glosses with brush applicators that I’ve tried in the past.

Bare Lips

02 Strawberry Whip

05 Honey Latte

Because of the thick consistency of this gloss and the size of the brush, I found it a little harder to apply compared to my other lip glosses. Also I found that this gloss tends to run a little more than other glosses, ie. it wouldn’t stay put within my lip lines. Because of those reasons, I would strongly suggest wearing a nude lip liner underneath to help it adhere better to lips.

I definitely like these glosses and even though I made it sound like there are more cons and pros, this is definitely a solid product. I would also expect these glosses to last a little longer on the lips than normal glosses just because of the thicker consistency.

Overall, I do recommend them to people looking for an easy nude lip. There are six colours to choose from, with shades ranging from a light beige to a pretty peach. They are available on Ichibankao for purchase.


11 thoughts on “Swatches/mini review: Canmake Nudy Glow in 02 Strawberry Milk and 05 Honey Latte

  1. Im glad you got to try the canmake cream cheek and nudy glows Shiela, i agree with you on it being runny and harder to apply than other lip gloss with brush applicators, but i like it anyway. 😉

  2. The colors are really pretty and milky 🙂 It does seem thicker though, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing unless you’re constantly sipping on drinks without a straw :p
    I think I’ve seen Canmake products at my local Japanese grocer but the prices are incredibly high… nearly double of what it cost in Japan =/

    Shiela, I also got your email today! 🙂 It’s fine with me. I was busy @ work and didn’t have a minute to reply but I did get it!

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