My shopping experience with Shifeon…

For those of you who are not from Vancouver or who have never visited Vancouver, Shifeon is a boutique and spa located on Robson St. in downtown Vancouver and Oakridge Centre. They carry a variety of high-end brands, including the generic brands like Dior, Guerlain and Shiseido, as well as many specialty skincare brands such as Dermalogica and Valmont.

I’ve shopped with Shifeon a couple of times in the past and their service is usually a lot better than many of the other cosmetics/skincare boutiques because Shifeon carries more staff on its floor at a time than most other boutiques of the same nature (for example, Beauty Court located in Aberdeen Centre). But this is where the story starts…

A while back, Shifeon sold me a Dior 5-colour eyeshadow palette. It was not a regular palette with the box and velvet pouch, but a tester palette. I mentioned this incident on Mallvibes, which is a shopping forum for young Canadians, and a few weeks later I received a message from Fiona, who is the marketing manager of Shifeon. She contacted me with an apology saying that the tester should never have been sold to me and that she would like to offer me a refund as well as a complimentary product of my choice for compensation.

At the time because I was abroad, so I wasn’t able to meet up with her until yesterday.

When I walked into the store late yesterday afternoon, I was immediately greeted by salespeople asking if I was looking for anything in particular. I just told them I was scheduled to meet with Fiona and the salesperson immediately went to look for her. At the time I felt bad because I was 10 minutes early, but Fiona promptly came out with a wide smile and introduced herself. She apologized profusely for their mistake and then offered to let me choose anything I want from Dior as compensation, including from their skincare line. At the time I had just purchased a Dior eye cream for my mom (if you know my mom at all, she mostly uses Dior skincare) and I was looking for a complimentary face cream or serum for her. Fiona showed me a few products from Dior as well as one of the professional skincare lines that they sell in-store before we settled on a Dior Capture Totale face creme.

Overall, I felt that I haven’t really experienced this type of customer service in a long time. I went to Shifeon after I had just gone to Holt Renfrew, which is, if you didn’t know, a very high-end department store similar to Saks or Nordstrom. The service at Holt Renfrew, despite it being a high-end department store, was almost nonexistent. The Dior beauty counter had nice service but everywhere else I went, I was greeted by silence.

Shifeon pleasantly surprised me with the time and attention they gave to their customers, especially including the fact that Fiona actively sought me out over the internet to offer me a refund and another opportunity to shop with them. I mean, most stores would just ignore this or even try to cover it up by threatening with lawsuits, but Shifeon took the initiative to make their past customers happy with them again.

And that is what I call customer service.

Shifeon Robson St.
1156 Robson St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-3291


8 thoughts on “My shopping experience with Shifeon…

  1. Hi!

    Nice to know that Shifeon really cares about their customers…and I totally know what you mean about Holt Renfrew’s service. I haven’t shopped in the clothing department but a lot of the makeup artists there look down on people and don’t do a very good job…it’s like….why are you in retail then?

  2. Dear Sheila,

    I was pleasantly surprise when I saw you as well, you’re so sweet and kind to keep your mom in mind! And thank you for this sweet write up about Shifeon =) we do value all our customer’s concern and comments at Shifeon! I am so glad to hear about your shopping experience with us, if you ever have any questions regarding skincare or anything beauty related, don’t hesitate to come to us, not necessary to purchase, but just to consult and ask! We’d be happy to assist you!

    P.S I love your blog, especially with all the asian make up that you bring into the blog! Keep up the great work Sheila=P


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  4. I recently went to Shifeon and saw an awesome nail polish set… for $72. I was stunned, but thought “Hey, maybe it’s because this is a designer set?” Nope. Turns out it came out three years ago and the MSRP is $42. That’s a $30 markup (about $33.48 with tax). I was absolutely disgusted.

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