Love packages + purchases sent home

When I was away, I have been buying stuff and getting it sent home so I came home to a huge box of my purchases as well as other love packages. Here’s just a little snapshot of what I received… I’ll be going through everything in a little bit more detail later on.

Stuff I bought from Eki! Look at all of that pretty packaging, each time I receive a package from her, I'm always happy to see the gorgeous wrapping ❤

I bought three pieces of jewelry from her the two necklaces and the earrings, but sneaky Eki included another bracelet as well! Thank you, Eki! ❤

Of course I bought another pouch! Also she started making hair accessories again so I bought the big bow chou chou, Eki also included another ruffly chou chou for me ❤

She also sent some additional goodies: two pairs of eye masks, candies, LE Kit Kat bars and some Ettusais shimmer powder. Thank you so much, Eki!! ❤

I previously purchased some makeup from Kathi's blog sale, a Jill Stuart loose blush, a Coffret D'or lipstick and a Lavshuca eye palette. Kathi included a face mask and a lip gloss for me as well. Thank you Kathi ❤

Back in June, I heard that I had won a giveaway from Beauty Crazed in Canada. The prize was a Neutrogena mini skincare set and a $100 gift card from Holts! I'll probably be using the GC to get something for my mom.

I also bought some stuff from MAC, their LE nude lip liners, a purple eyeliner and lipstick in Snow Orchid. Swatches and reviews will come soon =)

Remember my entry on the Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick sale on Strawberrynet? I got my Shimmerbrick!

The colour is Nectar. Its every bit as beautiful as the online picture and even more so =)

Last but not least, my swap with Evie. After I opened the package I was completely shocked, she had included SO many extra goodies! This was my first formal swap and I didn't have any experience with doing this, so in comparison I felt my package was so measly. But don't worry Evie, I'll be sending you some more luv once I settle =) Thank you SO much for everything!

Reviews, swatches and more detailed photos of everything will come later!

P.S. I wore Eki’s jewelry out today, its just SO girly and pretty. I love everything about the things she makes, its definitely made with all of the love and attention any girl can give it. Props to Eki for making such beautiful creations ❤

Click ahead for a sneak peek of my duty free haul =)

My Beijing airport duty free haul =)


9 thoughts on “Love packages + purchases sent home

  1. lovely ekilove stuff! aw. you make me want to get some more! hahaha! cool haul shiela! i see maquillage on that paper bag, i cant wait to see the actual post. have a great friday! 🙂

    ps. i think its so sweet that you’re going to use the GC to get some stuff for your mommy! cookie points! ^_^

  2. Great stuff! Those accessories from Eki are so pretty! =D

    I am tempted to buy more makeup even though I shouldn’t, lol. I haven’t even tried all of the products I bought a few weeks ago yet.

  3. I love Eki’s stuff. I have many pouches from her. Your kit kats look delish. Eki sent me some kit kats a while back– she started me on a kit kat rampage.

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