Review/Swatch: Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

I’m SO sorry for the unannounced MIA these past few days. I’ve been moving around and I just haven’t had the chance (or inspiration) to blog, not to mention I didn’t even have internet over the weekend =( Once again, I am back in Beijing. I’m going to be back in Vancouver next Monday, so I’m spending these last few days in Beijing sightseeing and shopping.

I purchased the almost legendary Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige at a Sephora in Shenyang this past weekend. After swatching it, along with a bunch of other Lunasol palettes on my arm, I understood why this palette is one of the most well-known palettes in the world of Japanese cosmetics: the texture is just out of this world.

The palette: Like most, if not all Japanese eyeshadow palettes, the Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige includes a highlighter shade (top left) that is a shimmery, with some glitter, light beige; two complimentary full colour/eyelid shades (top right and bottom left), which are a light bronzy gold and shimmery beige, respectively; and one darker, liner shade (bottom right), which is a silky, nearly matte, brown.

Damage: ¥350RMB at Sephora, approximately $53 CAD, which is slightly cheaper than the Japanese retail price of ¥5000Yen.

The good: Two things I noticed about this palette, both on its own and compared to other Lunasol/Japanese brands is the consistency in texture and colour payoff. Each shade in this palette is soft, smooth and very easy to apply. I find that most Japanese makeup palettes come with at least one super glittery, aka useless, shade, but I’m happy to announce that none of the shades in this palette are like that. There is a glittery shade (top left), but I didn’t find much fallout, nor was it gritty like other glittery eyeshadows. The two medium-light shades (top right and bottom left) have consistencies that are very similar to MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadows: soft and silky; and the bottom right liner shade is almost matte, but still equally silky and smooth, never chalky.

  • Smooth, soft texture
  • Very good colour payoff
  • Not much fallout
  • Good colour combo; very easy to apply

The bad: I think for a palette that is $50+ and a department store brand, I would expect more weightly packaging, yet the case was made of light plastic and slightly flimsy. Also, I don’t know if I got a bad product, but the individual eyeshadow pans seemed loose in the plastic case. I turned it upside down and it didn’t seem like its going to fall out, but I’m still a little worried. They don’t impede the amazingness of the product, but just a little something to think about on the side.

  • Flimsy packaging

Overall: This is really a foolproof palette. I would strongly recommend Beige Beige to anyone who might want a starter neutral palette. Every shade in this palette is definitely useful and can be used for a variety of looks. Additionally, I’m glad that this came with two double-ended applicators, including one end with a brush applicator instead of sponge. Sometimes when I’m travelling and I want to minimize the stuff I bring, I don’t bring makeup brushes, but when a 4-shade palette only comes with one or two applicators it can get really annoying and confusing to use.

  • Product: 20/20
  • Packaging: 2/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Overall: 30/35 | 86% | A

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

From left to right: Shimmery (slightly glittery) light beige, shimmery light bronzy gold (texture similar to MAC veluxe pearl ES), shimmery beige (texture similar to MAC veluxe pearl ES), silky brown (almost matte)

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

10 thoughts on “Review/Swatch: Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige

  1. What a pretty palette. This is the perfect combination of colors that I’d love to wear everyday. I usually find myself wearing bronzy colors. But that palette is pretty expensive though, but if you say it’s amazing, then it must be 🙂

    • If this might be a little expensive for you in terms of price vs. value, I would strongly recommend getting the UD Naked Palette then. You get 12 shades, 2 liners and a base for roughly the same price in Canada! And I’m sure the shades do overlap somehow…

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  5. tried this in japan since my friend owned it and wow, it was just so magical xD the colors looked nothing special but it just worked so well! expecially the darkest brown, amazing color

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