Me wants: Urban Decay Naked Palette

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I want this. Its one of only 2 things that I plan to buy for Fall 2010, the other being [maybe] a Guerlain palette that’s overpriced but pretty. This is definitely a neutral-lover’s heaven. You get 12 full size eyeshadows for the price of two and a half, and then the “free” mini UDPP and dual-ended eyeliner. Currently priced at $44USD/$53CAD.

You can see swatches on Temptalia here. You can get this on Sephora here, but its currently sold out online and selling on eBay for double the price. I can’t believe people would refuse to wait a few weeks for it to come out again because apparently its not limited edition. I believe it will be released in stores come end of July/beginning of August.


6 thoughts on “Me wants: Urban Decay Naked Palette

  1. I wanted this palette too. At first when I saw it online I wasn’t really impressed but then I saw it on someones blog with the swatches for each color and I was hooked. I really want this palette but I think it’s sold out here.

    I went to buy one of the Guerlain palettes last friday and I have to tell you, I was really sad. They were not at all impressive in person. Both myself and my friend ended up turning them down. Not to mention they are like $85USD which to me is crazy. I would def say to pass on the Guerlain palettes. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Thanks for letting me know Diane! I save the price tag on these too and I was SHOCKED. I can imagine why they’re so expensive though, the packaging alone must take up the majority of the costs XD

      I guess I will need to swatch them myself first to see.

  2. I’ve been seeing the Naked palette everywhere. It’s the perfect amount of neutrals in one case! I think it’s crazy how high priced it is on Ebay and how rude of people to sell it for profit. When it becomes permanent, I probably will pick one up 🙂 Urban Decay always makes trusty shadows 🙂

    • I doubt its gonna become permanent, you should grab it as soon as possible. I believe Sephora just rolled them out in stores recently so call your nearest store up and see if they have them. When its gone, its gone for good and you’ll regret it!

  3. I’m totally lemming this as well! I’ve been calling the local Sephoras to ask if they’ve gotten shipment yet!

    • I think they just all recently got shipment. You should check in store, some Sephoras are “secretly” selling them in advance of the launch date, so ask a SA specifically for it!

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