Link: Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe and Estee Lauder Fall 2010 Swatches

Jill Stuart Fall 2010

Swatches of Paul & Joe Fall 2010 collection can be found here. Most of you who have seen promo pics are probably most interested in the lipsticks in the shade of a cat’s head…

Swatches of Jill Stuart and Estee Lauder Fall 2010 can be found here. True to my predictions, everything is just super repetitive. The Jelly Lip Colour, Jelly Eye Colour and Nail Lacquer N look almost exactly like what were released in the Holiday 2009 coffret. As for the Jewel Crystal Eye palette… seriously how many super sheer, silvery-white shimmer/glitter shades do you really need? The pink colour is nice but just for that one shade I’m unlikely going to plunk down $50 for it.

The only interesting thing that might need more consideration is the new loose powder, but even so it looks like application on the go might be a little hard because its loose, even though the packaging is supposed to make it travel-friendly.

As for Estee Lauder… it looks a lot like what Guerlain is releasing for fall, but the shades are much more interesting. I’m seriously loving that peacock blue; if you know me at all, you will know I have a huge thing for peacock blues, but I don’t wear them all that often… I will definitely consider this palette over the Guerlain, although Guerlain does packaging a lot better.


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