Beijing 2010: the Temple of Heaven (pic heavy)

Me in front of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven park.

I made it a priority on my trip to Beijing this year to revisit the Temple of Heaven. I haven’t seen it since more than 10 years ago when I came to Beijing with my grandfather. I didn’t visit the Imperial Palace or Great Wall this time because I was just there about four years ago.

Basically the Temple of Heaven is where past emperors went for prayers, I believe twice a year, for good harvests and hope for peaceful country without war or any other problems. The park is pretty big, but because it was so hot out that day, we just went to see the Hall of Prayers for Good Harvests and then left for somewhere air conditioned.

Me again. You might be wondering why I have an umbrella when its sunny out. Well thats why, because its sunny out. It was maybe 38-39 degrees out that day and the sun was brutally hot. I wore sunscreen and everything but in order to not burn myself, I used an umbrella. This is actually common practice in China and many other Asian countries.

The Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest

Jump! I love doing these jump pictures in front of famous buildings XD

Read more about this building =)

And some more me. I look like I have no eyes, mainly because the sun was in my face the entire time =/

I love this shot! The walls are so pretty and made so intricately.

The ground that emperors and important historical figures walked on. And my foot just to prove I was there.

Some more artsy shots.

Last shot of the Hall of Prayers.

The wide avenue where the emperor's horses would ride up to the gates of the hall. The guy in the plaid is my cousin.

And no collection of pictures of any Imperial park is complete without a shot of the long winding corridors.

There was a good bunch of grass and other greens in the park, but they were completely off limits. And my face is red because of the heat =(

More long-winding corridors. The sign says "No Burning."

Last picture of the corridors. These corridors are actually designed to be super cool in temperature so that whomever was using the park at the time (eg. emperors), can sit here and relax for a bit after being in the hot sun. As you can see it is very popular with the tourists.


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