Fall 2010: Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart Fall 2010

Jill Stuart Fall 2010 collection information was released recently. The only interesting product I see is the new Loose Blush compacts that now come in a portable compact with the same accompanying brush that comes with the Mix Blush Compact.

Jill Stuart Loose Blush Compact - 5 new variations

Crystal Jewel Eyes - 1 new variation

Jelly Eye Colour N - 3 new variations

Jelly Lip Colour N - 1 new variation

Lip Lustre - 2 new limited edition variations

Nail Lacquer N - 3 new variations

I think I will be wanting some more of their Nail Lacquers as well as the Jelly Eye Colour N, and maybe one of the new Loose Blush compacts too. I used to be excited about the Crystal Jewel Eyes until I swatched them at the counter and they all turned out to be somewhat muddy on my skin, not to mention a lot harder in texture than the other high-end eyeshadows that I’ve used.

Strangely though, I think Jill Stuart is probably the only cosmetics brands who doesn’t really alter their colours to the actual seasons. Unlike other brands who do dark, sultry looks for fall, Jill Stuart has managed to release extremely similar colours throughout the entire year. Spring, anyone?

What’s on your list?



4 thoughts on “Fall 2010: Jill Stuart

  1. oh yes, im definitely getting one of the loose blushers too! its just so pretty and the two shades can be very versatile not to mention travel friendly 🙂

  2. I am DEFINITELY going to try this new collection!!! The colors are great. I say this because I’ve never owned any JS products before :p

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