Beijing 2010: Jay Chou Concert (very pic heavy)

I absolutely LOVE this costume that he wore during just one of his songs. I guess it was too hot since the temperature that day was 38 degrees Celsius... The picture itself, I thought, was taken pretty artfully too. | Image Source:

I went to the Jay Chou concert in Beijing during the first week of July. If you know me at all, then you will know I am a huge fan of him. Basically this concert was to celebrate his newest album as well as the 10-years of him being a singer/songwriter. The entire concert was about 2.5 hours long and he sang songs from over the 10 years. Some of the songs he sang were among my favourites, like “Superman can’t fly (超人不会飞)” and “Dragon Knight (龙战骑士).” He also invited a few of the artists from his management company to sing, including Lara who collaborated with him on “Coral Sea (珊瑚海)” and “Snake Dance (蛇舞).”

The tickets that my cousin got weren’t spectacular. We were quite far away and there was this huge metal stand thingy in front of us that was used to place stadium lights. I think from our seats, Jay’s entire body was about the size of my thumb nail, AKA tiny.

Me in front of Beijing Workers Stadium where the concert took place. The shirt I'm wearing is from a brand that Jay is the spokesperson for, called Metersbonwe ❤

People roaming around outside the stadium before the concert.

We were there quite early, about an hour and a bit before the concert, so it wasn't completely filled up yet. See those people sitting almost perfectly in sync? Those are police. In China I think they don't hire private security people but just use the police for security. When the concert was over, I saw FIVE coach buses parked outside the stadium meant to transport policemen. It was really intimidating.

Me and the cousin-in-law. She's also a big Jay Chou fan, so much that my cousin is jealous of him XD

The cousin who is jealous of Jay, and the cousin-in-law.

Me with my ticket. Just because.

Me with the ticket sleeve. Because he's extraordinary good looking on the cover.

It was actually not a bad day out that day. It was gray-ish in the morning and noon, but by later afternoon it started to clear up and blue skies showed.

For the entire two hours before the concert started, they played Jay commercials. Some of the were actually really cute, like this one when he juggles watermelons... randomly XD

Here's another pic of a commercial, a nice close-up of his face ❤

Crazy long line for the portable washrooms (ew, gag)

By this time, about 15 minutes before the concert, it was mostly filled up. The Jay commercials continued.

It was a completely sold-out concert. I would estimate about 50,000-60,000 people in one stadium. Crazy.

And it starts. At the beginning they played some weird video showing him as a ghost. We were all screaming because we couldn't see him in person yet.

All of my pictures turned out really crapily because 1) the stage was super bright, 2) we were super far away =(

Oh wow, a picture that is not crappy!

I think this is the closest we got to him, and keep in mind this is zoomed in ALL THE WAY. Red arrows have been drawn in case you can't see where mini-Jay is.

Screams continued.

The concert promptly finished after two encores and a lost voice of mine. It was good, but we were too far away. Vancouver 2011 here I come~~

Here are some closeup pictures of him, his awesome hair and his cool costumes | Image source:

The white piano that I thought was kinda creepy. | Image source:

All of his costumes were super shiny. I don't think that's his usual style, but I guess for a concert he'd have to be bright. | Image source:

I actually think he is seriously good looking ❤ | Image source:

This is during Snake Dance. It was so random because Lara was dancing around in the front (that's not her in the pic), and he was just sitting there... | Image source:

I believe this is the same costume from the first pic at the very top, minus the cape. | Image source:

The kid on the left is apparently really good at imitating Jay. So much that Jay invited him to his concert, and apparently they're also good friends now, however that works. | Image source:

I love his hair like this!! It must've been super gelled up because normally its quite long. And it held up really well too XD | Image source:

The guy in the back with the weird headpiece is just... weird. I didn't know what the purpose of his headpiece was, he just danced around. Jay on the other hand, is looking spectacularly spectacular. | Image source:

That’s it for Jay’s concert. You might have noticed I didn’t have very many of my own pictures, and I’m really sorry about that. I hope to get better tickets for the January concert and then I can show you better pictures.

I got asked by someone who I thought was my favourite female artist, since Jay is clearly my favourite male. I used to really like Jolin, but every album she came out with, the style kept changing. Yeah its great because it shows that she’s improving but it started to get hard to keep up with. So I guess… Fish Leong? I like her songs, and also her voice. Yup, it would be Fish. (Don’t ask me whats with her name, I have no idea. I believe she used to be called Jasmine, but for some reason changed it to Fish…)


13 thoughts on “Beijing 2010: Jay Chou Concert (very pic heavy)

  1. envy to death… i was able to watch his concert last concert hear in toronto around a year ago… but this would be better i suppose coz he sang a lot of his old songs.

    btw, fish’s chinese name is liang jing ru …

    • Wow you’re lucky! I almost went to the one in TO but decided to go back home to Vancouver instead. I’m glad he’s going to Van this time though ❤

    • We did, thanks Nic! Doesn’t he go to Tokyo?! But I mean, if you really wanted to go you still can since you guys are so much closer to TW and China than me when I go back to Canada =/

  2. sooo envious even though he was the size of a nail… !! how many times did he change outfits lol. i hope there was at least one outfit where he bared his body!

    • Oh gosh, I seriously laughed out loud on that one XD NO there wasn’t sadly =( He changed outfits completely maybe 3-4 times and the rest of the times he just took off a cape or changed a jacket, etc. I wish he bared his body, he has a nice body; but no I don’t think he wants to go down that path XD

  3. I have been a fan of Jay’s since his eighth dimension album. I am also super excited that he is coming to Vancouver and plan on going to see him. Do you know when and where the tickets will be for sale?

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