Review/Swatch: Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in 25 Midnight Dazzle

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in #25 Midnight Dazzle

I bought the Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in Midnight Dazzle on my recent trip to Hong Kong. Jill Stuart has a huge nail lacquer collection, but most of the colours are light and I’m not a fan of light nail polishes so I bought this one that is intense and full of sparkle.

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in #25 Midnight Dazzle

What it claims (from the box): Dress your nails with pure color and shine. Nail lacquer with long-lasting and even finish.

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in #25 Midnight Dazzle

Damage: $110 HKD, approximately $15 at Jill Stuart counters in HK. Prices vary online at Ichibankao or other retailers.

The good: This applies pretty smoothly without any streaking and is very glittery. It doesn’t take very long to dry and you just need two coats (for this shade) to get a nice opaque finish. Did I mention it smells amazing when dried? I love the scent that is in most of Jill Stuart’s products. I heard its reminiscent of the Jill Stuart perfume scent which I regret not getting. Also there is a very nice selection of colours. Additionally it wears very nicely too. I’ve had it on for about a week now and I’ve only noticed very little tip wear and no other kind of chipping or anything. If you’re looking for a more economical long-wearing nail polish, then you would have to try this; it definitely compares well to my Dior nail polish which are my HG for its long-wear.

  • Does not streak
  • Quick drying
  • Smells AMAZING (when dried, do not smell directly in the bottle or when its wet)
  • Relatively long wearing

The bad: It doesn’t dry very smooth, but since its a glittery shade, I’m not that surprised. If you are someone like me who prefers darker and more intense nail polish shades, then Jill Stuart will likely not have what you want as there aren’t a lot of options for darker shades.

  • Does not dry smooth, will need a top coat
  • Not too much colour selection for darker shades

Overall: I definitely love this nail polish, both the shade and the formula. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough then you will know I love anything that smells nice, especially those floraly-springy scents. I’ve gotten compliments from everyone around me these days about my nail polish shade which I am really happy about because that means I chose the right shade, hehe! I would definitely recommend getting Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer if you can get your hands on it. The formula is superb.

  • Product: 9/10
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Overall: 22/25 | 88% | A
  • Repurchase? Yes! In other shades though =)

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in #25 Midnight Dazzle


14 thoughts on “Review/Swatch: Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in 25 Midnight Dazzle

  1. Ohhh, now I definitely need to try one of the JS nail polishes. I recently found out that the JS store near me carries the beauty products now so I’m going to have to make a large makeup haul there once I get my paycheck!

  2. Lol, I’ll try to link you to a picture once I do since I don’t keep a blog (too lazy to write and upkeep one). =P

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